October 25, 2019

Master Teacher and Expert Sewer

Mitzi uses her master skills to teach Lauren how to sew.

Master Teacher and Expert Sewer

Mitzi was a Home Economics teacher to 7th graders for about a decade. It was a job that filled a need for economic security for many years. And after Brandon's death it gave her consistency and something productive to focus on in the grief that followed.

She retired in Dec 2018 after her passive income from her real estate investments exceeded her teaching income.  She had also reached a point of negative return on the amount of energy and time commitment which teaching required.

For several months after she retired many days she would wake up and the first thing she would say was, "Hey Damon, guess what?"


"I don't have to teach today!"

Teaching had served it's purpose in her life and she feels now it's time to focus on other things.

Recently she was talking to my sister-in-law Val and learned that her daughter Lauren wanted to achieve a young woman recognition award this year before it's discontinued by our church.

One of the activities was learning to sew.

I happen to have another Hasselblad camera (renting it for our upcoming to trip to Chicago and Missouri to see Spencer/Laura and Logan/Sydney). So while Mitzi was teaching Lauren to sew I captured some photos.

This has been a big part of Mitzi's life. She is an accomplished sewer and a master teacher! She explained everything to Lauren so clearly and plainly, used helpful analogies, and guided her hands as she learned.

It was beautiful to watch a master teach.

I feel like these pictures tell a part of Mitzi's life story. Her hands, her guidance, her focus, her giving of herself to help others grow. Legacy.