December 7, 2020

Mitzi Sells Pebbles

The house that was beautiful and comfortable and welcoming. The house where they laughed and learned and loved.

Mitzi Sells Pebbles

There is so much feeling that goes into this post. I'm not sure I can convey it adequately.

Last summer Mitzi decided it was time for her to sell the Pebble house.

The house her and Brandon bought 12 years ago.

The house they raised their girls in from childhood to adulthood.

The house where they hosted family and friends and had wonderful times.

The house that was their anchor and grounding.

The house where they lived life with all the elements. Joy and pain. Victory and defeat. Growth and loss. Peace and angst.

The house where they lived when Brandon died.

The house where they worked so hard to keep life moving forward.

The house where they found refuge from the storms.

The house where they gathered and formed deep bonds and connection.

The house that was beautiful and comfortable and welcoming.

The house where they laughed and learned and loved.

It is a huge undertaking to prepare a house for sale where you've lived for so long. It's even more daunting when you are grieving the loss of a loved one and have to keep organizing and deciding what to keep and what not to and going through all the memories that bring up wonderful and painful feelings.

So after Mitzi decided it was time to sell she embarked on a 5 month project to prepare it for sale.

It. Was. A. Lot. Of. Work! Physical and emotional. There is no way around it.

These pictures can't capture all of the experience. This is the tail end of everything. It must suffice.

For those who have travelled down this road, you understand.

The few things we are keeping are in a storage unit. Mitzi did the most amazing job organizing this unit. I've never seen anything like it. All the things we will need to access are accessible. Everything fits. Everything is organized.

The movers move in the last few items.

Mitzi packed perfectly. The smile of satisfaction is well deserved.

Val Scott, my sister-in-law and our good friend, just got her real estate license. She did a spectacular job listing the house and getting it sold for us. Her first listing and it was a huge success.

Here's Val and Mitzi at the closing. It was a significant moment for both of them.

Mitzi signs the documents.

After finishing the signing, Mitzi helps Val carry her signs back to the car.

Mitzi has prepared a gift basket for the new owners. If I were a buyer I would want to buy from Mitzi. She is the best seller in the world!

The next morning we go back to the Pebble house one more time. Do a quick walk through making sure it's all ready for the new owners. It is.

She then packs the last few items into the Discovery and embarks into a new and unknown adventure in life. A brave, courageous, and beautiful soul.