February 28, 2022

Mitzi in Miami

Lots of Unexpected Goodness!

Mitzi in Miami

While Damon was participating in his photography class I had some adventures of my own :)

I walked for about a mile and then turned right when I saw a sign that said, "Food Trucks."  A Passion Fruit Bowl (my favorite), a s0-so almond croissant, and an amazing avocado toast.  The views were fantastic.

After I sampled all 3, I mapped a route into the old city Textile District.  Most big cities have them.  Somewhere in the ghetto-ish part of town. The stores are always a mess of wonder and awe!  The Wool, the Chiffon, the Lycra.  I desperately wished my designer friend, Sarah Jane, was with me.  I texted her and we had a fun exchange.

As I headed back, I passed an Old Art Deco Theater that was housing the Van Gogh Exhibit.  He's someone I've been interested in since my freshman year of college.  I also had to pee.  So I bought a ticket, used the beautiful bathroom, and loved the exhibit.

As I was nearing the hotel, my phone beeped a notification.  My Health App.  Just letting me know my exercise distance was way outside my normal average range :)

What a win.  I calculated in my head, the last time I had done something like this by myself, had been a solid 7 years ago.  A completely different life time.

The next day I booked a food tour of Little Havana.  I found it:  Humbling. Historical. Delicious. So Fun!

The next day I set my alarm for 6:30 am and disappeared into a van full of strangers heading out to the Everglades.  What an amazing experience!

After returning to the hotel, I was starving!  So I changed my clothes and confidently took off to find a croissant I had spied in a cafe window, the previous night. The pastry cream was what really interested me.  Good, but not worth more than a few bites.  

So onto my favorite place.  The Oyster Bar Damon and I had dined at a few nights ago.  I literally love oysters, and these were the best I've ever had.  The fresh variety and a cooked variety with bacon and green onions.  And then curiosity got the best of me and I ordered the Lobster Roll.  I brought the leftovers back to Damon and he loved it.

It was a great trip!