November 19, 2019

Mitzi and Sydney Have "Long Arm"s

Capturing the joy Mitzi and Sydney experience quilting with the long-arm.

Mitzi and Sydney Have "Long Arm"s

Brandon bought Mitzi a Long Arm quilter a year or so before he died. Sydney has taken up quilting and Mitzi gave it to her and added the computer option so it quilts automatically.

It's quite the machine! Fascinating and mesmerizing and magical to watch.

When we were visiting Sydney and Logan in Missouri a few weeks ago and I had the Hasselblad, I took pictures of Mitzi and Sydney quilting. Something they both love, are very good at, and enjoy together.

I suggested they ignore the camera and the man behind it. They had no problem doing that :) But seriously I loved getting these photos of them doing something they love so much – it's joyful to watch them!