September 19, 2022

Maine - Part 2

We get to Maine. We eat Lobster Rolls. Stay for a few days at Mt Blue State Park. And a few more days in Camden at the Camden Hills State Park. Enjoying food, music, and nature.

Maine - Part 2

We get to Maine, stay for a few days at Mt Blue State Park and a few more days in Camden at the Camden Hills State Park.

Day 7

We traveled to Maine today!...... after I had some cookies with my raw milk ;)

First stop on our way out was King Arthur Baking so we could get another breakfast.

We drove about an hour and got to Maine!

We arrived at Mt Blue State Park to stay for a couple days. It's rainy and a bit cold in the 50's. Beautiful and hardly anybody is here.

For dinner it was finally time to cook up my NY Strip. I haven't made myself a steak for many many years.

This was a treat and Mitzi was so excited for me. I must say – it was reaaaaaalllly good!

We took a walk through the park and found beautiful things to take pictures of.

Mitzi finishes a hand stitching project her girls gave her.  Good times!

Day 8

The next day we walked to the Mt Blue lake. It's so peaceful.

There were lots of beautiful things to take pictures of. Nature and Mitzi :)

Mitzi's mom loved mushrooms.  We have found some really interesting ones here!

We ate hot dogs for lunch. Mitzi prepped onions and toasted the buns. Our fire wasn't quite hot enough to roast the hot dogs so we ended up using the electric griddle.

Mitzi works on some more sewing projects..... Little Christmas Elves.

Time for another steak!

Day 9

We drove to Camden Hills on the coast today. However we made a stop at the famous Red's Eats. And had our first Maine Lobster Roll!

We got in line at 11:25a. They opened at 11:30a.  While we wait in line for 1 1/2 hours, I snap some pictures.

We placed our order at 1:10p.

The owner Deb Gagnon (she owns it along with her 3 siblings) took our order. She was so excited we ordered the grilled Haddock and said she was going to bring it to us on the patio.

We've had to use our check book twice on this trip. Mitzi teases me for not having a check book for 15 years while she still carries one around. It's definitely paying off on this trip!

True to her word Deb brought out the Haddock. The Grilled Haddock was amazing. Juicy, fresh, tender, flavorful.  It was delivered by the owner at 1:25p.

She also brought out the Lobster Roll. That made us feel special. She was so busy, the line was so long, but she took the time out to chat with us and bring us our food.

Mitzi's girls wanted to know, "Was it worth it?"

Yes :)

The Honey Bee Soda was Also Amazing!

And so was the Whoopie Pie!

We just had a delightful time, what a great experience!

We found another mini tub that Mitzi is hoping to get some day.

This at a little bakery market place where we got some treats for later today.

The town of Wiscasset is very charming.

We arrived at Camden Hills State Park and plan to stay for 4 nights.

Mitzi go out her sewing machine (yay!) and took a walk around the park, taking some beautiful photos.

We did it! We got to Maine and had a lobster roll! This was the dream and we pulled it off. From this point forward it's just fun fun fun without any goals except to have fun :)

Day 10

It was a rainy day all day today. We cozied up in the motorhome and only went out to empty the tanks and go to dinner.

I took a picture of the rain on the window and Mitzi zoned out listening to a podcast. She was absorbed and I had the camera all ready and then said "Mitzi" and she looked up. Before she could register what was going on I snapped the picture.

I sent it to her girls and we had a good laugh.

Mitzi made a couple of hot dogs for lunch. Mmmm!

Last night we made a reservation to the best fine dining place in Camden, Franny's Bistro. It did not disappoint. The staff was great, the food perfect, and the environment relaxing and cozy.

A big win, we loved it!

We got Mussels for Jen (the best we've ever had), The Kraken (calamari), Rack of Lamb, Shrimp Linguine, and for desert, Almond Cake with house made Ginger Ice Cream.

Day 11

We drove an hour out to Augusta to get a new TV for the motorhome. There was a TJ Maxx and Mitzi did some shopping. Alas no pictures of that outing.

We came back to Camden in the late afternoon.

First we visited the harbor. We were going to cruise on a sailing ship at 5p but they cancelled it because the winds are too high.

Then we walked along and entered a lot of the shops in the main Camden district. This wooden Christmas tree caught Mitzi's eye.

We had a hard time deciding where to eat. We finally decided on a place in the harbor called Blaze. They have a wood fired oven for pizzas and lobster.

We enjoyed great conversation and our server was super friendly.

We are looking forward to watching a pizza food show on our new and much much better TV tonight :)

Day 12

Today is our last day in Camden. We've enjoyed it so much here.

We drove up Mt. Battie road to the Camden overlook.

These next 3 pictures were taken with the Hasselblad and just need to have a space of their own :)

We enjoyed the view, it was amazing.

The reason for the picture with me walking up the steep steps ... well in Ireland 4 years ago I had a boot on my foot and I climbed up steep castle steps with it. This picture memorializes that fact that my foot is better and I can climb stairs unencumbered. Yay!

Mitzi's a bit of a mountain goat and chose to hike the 2 miles back down to the campground.  She captured some cool pics....... and the little snake didn't even scare her..... thanks to the snakes in Florida being much bigger ;)

For dinner we went to a small place called BOWA. They had the Green Bee honey soda and we both got one.

The meals were amazing, the best we've had so far on this trip! Teriyaki Chicken and Red Curry Chicken. The lady running the place asked Mitzi how she maintains her beautiful hair and they discussed it for a few minutes.

After dinner we visited the shops we missed yesterday. And found some beautiful flowers along the way.

We sent a picture of the Maine Dog to Maddy, the biggest dog lover of our children.

Many of the stores here have old handles that are worn. Mitzi loves them.

We stopped by Camden Cone for a little dessert, Blueberry and Oats Ice Cream. And more beautiful flowers.

As we walked by the Camden Opera House we noticed "A Day in the Life of the Beatles" was playing tonight. So we bought tickets and a couple hours later went back and enjoyed the show!

We love going live shows like this. We had a great time and it was a perfect ending to our wonderful stay in Camden.