July 26, 2021

Maddy in Destin

Maddy's Corporate Retreat in Destin means we get to play with her too!

Maddy in Destin

The wives and girlfriends of the Grit guys (Preston's company) had a retreat in Destin for a week. 30 miles from our house in Panama City Beach.

This meant we got to see Maddy!

We picked her up at the airport and she stayed 24 hours before Mitzi took her up to the rental house in Destin.

She loved touring our house and checking out all the cool things Mitzi has done. Maddy also loves tools and building.  

Last year for Mitzi's birthday, Madalyn had the idea for us to give Mitzi a present for each of the 10 days leading up to her birthday. Mitzi loved it!  She orchestrated it again this year!

So sweet.

The first gift was beautiful hand-bag.  The other gifts are chronicled in Mitzi's Birthday post!

For dinner we took Madalyn to our favorite Phó restaurant, Phó 77.

Then we went across the street to the beach and enjoyed the water and weather.

While we were at the beach we received the announcement that Emily and Nechemia got married!

Maddy took a picture of Mitzi and I with the sunset just starting to form behind us. These beaches are so pretty.

And then we topped off the night with a trip to the boat house to hot tub!

The following day we spent gathering food and making some preparations that would make Maddy's job of Head Chef..... a little easier :)

Mitzi and Maddy prepared an assortment of appetizers for the girls to nibble on as they arrived.

A few days later we drove back up to Destin to deliver 8 lbs of meat from Back Beach BBQ.  The girls dined on pulled pork/chicken, corn salad, chips, watermelon, and cookies.  They were all dressed up and looked darling!

A few days later Damon headed off to Utah for a family reunion.  I headed up to Destin to shop with Maddy. Shopping has always been a Jones family favorite.  I'd take a pic of Maddy in a store and send it out on our girl chat. Sydney and Lizzie would respond...... with lightening speed....where we were at.  It was fun:)  At Pottery Barn I ended up buying new dishes!  Before I took her back to her party we dined at Louis Louis.

Her party ended by the weekend and so she came back to Match Point for a few more days.  We shopped in Rosemary Beach, ate Playa Bowls every morning :), worked out, and I took her to enjoy dinner at Shaka's and Cafe Aroma.

We loaded up in a kayak and headed out to the Inlet.  It was the most beautiful day!  The tide was coming in as we were heading out, and going out as we were paddling back, but boy did it create a visually stunning day!

To say we put in full days..... would probably be an understatement ;). This girl is always up for a physical adventure!  

Dj made it home for our last few hours with Maddy.  I'm so thankful she could come this summer!

Love my girl!