September 16, 2023

Lost Pictures Found

The broken Leica M11 pictures are retrieved, and somehow the camera comes to life and actually works again!

Lost Pictures Found

When we were in Skagen the Leica M11 fell down the steps of the lighthouse. It didn't work after the fall. We purchased a new one a couple days ago. However I couldn't get the pictures from the old one from our day in Skagen because the camera body was dented trapping the battery which has to he removed to access the memory card.

However this morning I was playing around with tapping the camera to get the battery out. And it worked!

So here are the lost pictures from that day.

I was pretty sure there were some great pictures. And there are!

The spiral staircase is at the very top of the lighthouse. This picture is on the way up. Turns out it will be the place where the camera will fall in about 10 minutes :)

Views from the top are amazing.

The door to get out on the ledge is about 3 feet tall.

Here's the last picture before the camera fell. I snapped the picture then moved the camera to my side. The strap disconnected suddenly and the camera immediately fell. It first hit the metal platform I was standing on. Then it bounced off and all Mitzi saw was this heavy metal camera coming straight at her.

It narrowly missed her head (phew!), hit the metal step at her feet, bounced off, and fell another 6 feet to the concrete platform at the base of the metal stairs.

The camera had no protective cover. It was bare.

Amazingly after I tapped out the battery this morning and put in a fully charged one, the camera came on, the screen lit up, and it started taking pictures! We couldn't believe it. The focus is a bit off, something is probably off calibration in the rangefinder. But it's just incredible the camera is still somewhat working after such a fall.

The picture of Mitzi on the bed is the first picture from the new M11 we purchased in Copenhagen a couple days ago. It was on the internal memory and I didn't get it out until today.

The other two pictures are with the broken M11 after it started working this morning. We were just having fun trying it out. They are a tad out of focus, but Mitzi is cute so here they are.