June 9, 2024

London 2.0

We return to London, this time in a better locale. We watch Phantom of the Opera and get to see Mitzi's friend Gaynor again. A short and good visit to London.

London 2.0

We flew from Faro, Portugal to Gatwick, England today. As we rode in a car 29 miles from the Gatwick airport to the theater district in London to our hotel, I got inspired to take pictures of people. It was fun! I haven't done that in a while.

We walked about a quarter mile to a Pho resturant for dinner.

We haven't had Vietnamese food for months. It was fun to have it again.

We are staying at the Waldorf. A much better location than last year when we were in London. Too bad we are only here for a couple days :)

Ok these pictures are actually from our last night at the Conrad Algarve. This is the second time in a week that I've missed some pictures! Off my game :)

And back to London...

We went to Liberty, a pretty cool shopping center.

They have a café and Mitzi got some carrot cake. So good.

I was exhausted and not hungry (I'd eaten way to much for breakfast). That's a picture of my very tired eyes.

We got a taxi and went to Antique Textiles. A store that carries old antique quilts. Thousands and thousands of them. Mitzi appreciated the work and talent that went into these.

In the evening we went to Buns Buns for dinner, then headed over to His Majesty's Theater for Phantom of the Opera.

The next day Mitzi's friend Gaynor came to London to visit. Mitzi and Gaynor became friends in Australia when they were teens. They walked around London arm in arm.

I joined them for lunch at Claude's. Old friendships are the dearest.

Our stay in London was short and good.

London is clean and nice, at least the West End where we spent our time.

This morning (it's June 9 as I'm writing this) we caught a ride from London to the Northampton cruise terminal and boarded the Queen Mary 2 for a transatlantic crossing. That'll be the next post.