March 13, 2021

The Couple Arrives - Lizzie & Josh

The engaged couple visits us over spring break!

The Couple Arrives - Lizzie & Josh

It's so great to have Lizzie and Josh come to visit!  I've been super excited to show Lizzie the house and I've looked forward to getting to know Josh better.  They enjoy a late night tour..... Lizzie loves the pantry.... and Josh eats some pizza we have for him :). It's so great to wake up to Lizzie being here!

We give them a tour of Wild Heron.  Damon makes bread and we have our delicious pastrami sandwiches!

We head down to Pier Park to do a little Wedding shopping, check out the views, and enjoy the beach at the Pier.

These two love the Beach.  We head over to Camp Helen State Park.  So rural and beautiful. Josh is talented at sand sculpture and I think he is part fish!

Enjoying Camp Helen in Black and White via Damon's Hasselblad.

A new day..... a new beach.  More confirmation regarding Josh's sand art talent and ocean capacity!  And a great dinner at Back Beach BBQ!

Josh is very good at tuning into Lizzie's passions.  He took the initiative to find a cat sanctuary near our home, and treated us all to a day with big cats!  There were African Servals, Bob Cats, Lynx, Cougars, Mountain Lions, Panthers, and some I can't remember. The owners were really great and gave Lizzie and Josh the royal treatment for their upcoming wedding.

This one particular big Lynx really liked Josh.  He was completely cool as the big cat nearly crawled inside of his shirt.  I on the other hand, was scared to death for him!

Watching Josh and Lizzie hand feed the big cats was both terrifying and cool.

The owners had a giant wedding cookie made for Josh and Lizzie.  They had them practice like it was a wedding cake.  It was darling!  Then they gave them special shirts to remember their exotic cat day.  Thanks Josh!  What a memory!

Josh and Lizzie head out to look for Alligators!

Damon rents a pontoon boat and we journey out to Shell Island.   It does not disappoint on shells or beauty!

These two are fun to be around!

Such a peaceful way to spend the day.

There's something special about the miles and miles of wide open Emerald Coast.

Josh is a character and always up for a funny photo shoot :) The music blaring, the wind on your face, and an occasional spray of water, never gets old.

And just like that, our week together is over.  We enjoy one last meal at the famous Donut Hole.  Delicious!!!  Thanks for coming Lizzie and Josh!  We so enjoyed our time with you!