November 13, 2022

Lifestyles Mastermind

We attend a Lifestyles Unlimited Mastermind meeting at Del's house in Houston. Well Richmond, to be exact :)

Lifestyles Mastermind

Del decided to do a Mastermind event at his house for Lifestyles Unlimited Preferred members. The timing was perfect since it was right after the cruise.

We caught a plane from Miami to Houston. I haven't been to Del's house since 2016 and was looking forward to taking Mitzi there so she could experience it.

We mingled and caught up with our investing friends. It was also fun to meet face-to-face with lead investors we are in deals with some of whom we hadn't met in-person before.

We are very grateful for Lifestyles Unlimited and for the investments we are in that give us so much freedom and financial security in life.

After we arrived we met with other investors in the patio area. Mitzi is so fun to be with at events like these. She's super cute and friendly and it's fun to visit and mingle as a pair with her :)

Del loves his property and keeps it looking beautiful. We gathered around the pool and he talked for a while about investing and things related to it. And also told some jokes.

Then it was time for dinner, yay!

We had a catered dinner in his garage afterward. Del joined our table for part of dinner.

Chris the accountant at Lifestyles also sat at our table. We talked about bbq brisket and because of that when we got home to Panama City Beach the next day we stopped at Back Beach BBQ on our way home from the airport and grabbed some brisket.

Now there's a good looking woman!

As we left it was dark and I was able to capture this cool picture of Del's house in the front yard.

I'm glad this property brings him joy. He puts his heart and soul into it.

Later that night we saw there was a What-A-Burger a hop-skip-jump from our hotel.

We walked over, it was about 10:30p, and enjoyed a hamburger and fries. What a life haha.

The next day we caught a plane home feeling very grateful for the great life real estate investing provides.