February 14, 2023

Lifestyles Expo 2023

Enjoying the Expo in Dallas and Magnolia in Waco.

Lifestyles Expo 2023

It's Expo time again! This year was in Dallas, and since we got in a few days early we took Sydney and Logan and Benson over to Magnolia in Waco.

Mitzi and I stayed in a rental house two years ago as we were traveling to our new house in Florida. It was so fun we wanted to share the experience this year with the Carters. We were able to get the same little house!

Breakfast at Magnolia Table.

Shopping and Exploring the Grounds.

It was a beautiful warm day.  We had a picnic and played and played.

Benson loves anything with a ball!  Mitzi so enjoyed playing baseball on the whiffle ball field with him!

And their treat shop is divine!

After Benson's nap we explore the Dr Pepper Museum.

Syd carries Benson in a pac and he loves it!

Nothing like bathing in the kitchen sink, and then having a forced tooth brushing take place :)

After our fun time in Waco at Magnolia we drove back to Dallas for the Expo.

We celebrate a record year by going to Papa Bros. for a fancy dinner.  Benson loved the lobster tank!

Beef Carpaccio, Bacon Wrapped Scallops, Wagyu Beef, and Lobster!  Delicious!

A few days of classes and promoting Discovery!

Logan is a wonderful dad!  He is a pool dad..... even when it is a cold pool!  

Benson is a busy busy learning boy.  Loves books, running, and playing with Grandma's wool :)

Mitzi and Sydney went up to Denton to see her cousin.  They stopped by Buc'ees and Benson loved it!

On the last evening, Logan and I went to Brasao's for dinner.  Meat!

Great Business Trip!