March 22, 2022

Lifestyles Expo 2022

The Big City Lights of Houston Host the Life Styles Expo 2022!

Lifestyles Expo 2022

This year the Expo was a family affair :).  Emily, Nechemia, Sydney, Logan, and Benson joined us this year!

Dinner at Pappadeaux!  A Houston Expo Tradition!

Gumbo, Dirty Rice, Jalapeno Shrimp, and Key Lime Pie.

Benson's a trooper and such a doll.

24th Floor Breakfast and a country music jam session in grandpa's motorhome.

County Western Shopping!

Lunch at Kenny and Ziggy's with Emily and Nechemia.

Corned beef, Club Sandwich, Kasha, and Dill Pickles!  (which Benson loved!)

Badges and Busy Expo times!

Daily Pool Adventures!

Simuetainously, the KAPPA ALPHA KAPPA convention was going on.  Amazing display of custom gowns, crowns, scarfs, and masks.  

To Go Order from:  Pappasito's Cantina enjoyed on the 14th floor lobby.

Teaching Day for Damon and Lots of Questions / Problem Solving for Sydney.  

One more Pappadeoux dinner.

And one last swim :)

Boudin Balls in Louisiana, after a 45 min wait!  Sleeping at the Cracker Barrel :)

Black River State Park, FL.  Beautiful camping spot for our last night.