September 9, 2021

Lifestyles Expo 2021

Dallas 2021

Lifestyles Expo 2021

After 3 attempts at scheduling an Expo for this year, the September date In Dallas finally happened.  

Damon, being his Amazing Inquisitive Self, was digging deep into alternative air travel one day.  The commercial air system is miserable to navigate post covid. While digging he came across JSX air.  A corporate jet system that flew out of FBO's and sold individual seats.  It just so happened they were offering a summer route from Destin to Dallas.  For less cost than a first class ticket..... we gave it a try!

The terminal feels like a hotel lobby.  There are no metal detectors, dogs, or people in security uniforms.  The plane holds 30 passengers.  17 of us were taking the flight up.  11 rode it home.  Families, elderly folks, people with dogs.  Boarding the plane was super easy and low key.  We wore masks on the flights, but enjoyed a drink and a treat too!

The view along the coast was beautiful!  

The cloud formations once we were up high were celestial!

Once we got checked into the hotel and the conference we enjoyed a little dinner. One thing we have both noticed is that people notice / recognize Damon.  Since "Podium's" release over a year ago, his name and face have been in front of thousands of investors.   While we were having dinner an investor stopped to chat with him :)

We stayed at the Westin Hotel by Marriott.  It was Wonderful!!!  Clean and Comfortable.  New and Beautiful!

This is a great location!  The hotel is in between a stunning conference center and a myriad of restaurants!

We try out a juice place and then Grimaldi's!  It's Delicious! Or should we say, "Smokin' Delicious!"

Damon teaches an evening class on Passive Podium Plus!  It's standing room only!!!  He Rocked It!

The General Sessions have Incredible Energy!  The food they have for us is delicious and much appreciated!  Mask wearing is optional, unless you are an employee.  It's Interesting.

Damon teaches a few more classes and then we take a break at the pool.  

We head out to a Brazilian Steak House for dinner with the Chalmer's Investment Group.  It's a great evening :)

The Food, Company, and Entertainment on our way home make for a Wonderful night!

And just like that we are back on that JSX jet homeward bound.  

More cool clouds and really cool jets at the FBO!  Damon says......"One day....."

Back in Wild Heron and there's a concert this night with a Mexican Food truck!  Yummy!  We love where we live :). Perfect ending to our weekend!