May 14, 2021

The Marriage of Lizzie and Josh

A Beautiful Day!

The Marriage of Lizzie and Josh

May 14th 2021 arrived........ just like all of the other unknown, far out dates and milestones, I've dreamed about for Lizzie.   It was a perfect day for her and Josh.

I am so happy they had the experience they wanted.   I so appreciate everyone who supported them.  

Sydney's talent and knowledge of graphic design has been so valuable to countless friends and family members.  Thank you Sydney for once again, doing an amazing job on the invitations and the wedding quilt, all while juggling the responsibilities of having your first baby:)

Madalyn has an amazing eye for design.  She comes through with immaculate gorgeous pieces over and over again.  Arranging spaces, hair, and floral design, are just a few her talents we've all benefited from.  

A few summers ago Lizzie and I were at a cousins wedding up in Cache Valley. Lizzie loved the experience and told me she was going to plan a wedding just like that one!  

My hat goes off to her and Josh for finding the perfect venue, gathering all the decor, arranging a terrific DJ, delicious food, and planning a day that worked perfectly for them.

Last minute game time preparations......

The procession started with Navy, included lots of friends and family, and ended with Lizzie and I.

Walking back to my seat I thought, "How did all of my girls grow up so quick?"

Josh's dad, Zac, preformed the ceremony.  It was heartfelt and beautiful.  Lizzie and Josh both exchanged tender vows that made us all cry.  

It was my favorite ceremony of all times!

We all enjoyed a feast from Cafe Rio!

And in the 93 degree heat...... lots of liquid and ice cream were enjoyed!

We enjoyed the Photo Bus :)  

Some Really Enjoyed the Photo Bus ;)

They cut the cake!

A Groom's man Toss.......

Some Beautiful Bridesmaids.......

They danced and danced.....

And we sent them off with Sparklers!

My favorite part was being able to see so many family members and friends. Upon becoming widowed, life changed for me in ways I could have never imagined.  The loss of so many relationships and connections has been the toughest thing to endure.  

I'm so thankful for Damon, and Aimee, and Tiffany for capturing so many great interaction memories for me.  I'm so thankful for the love and support our family and old friends gave us on this day.

It was a great day!