March 16, 2023

Josh & Lizzie in PCB

Thank Goodness for Spring Break!

Josh & Lizzie in PCB

What a treat to have Lizzie and Josh back for Spring Break!  I can't believe it has been 2 years since our last rendouvous here!

I talked them into going camping for a few nights.  DJ and I were in the motorhome and Lizzie and Josh were in a Glamping tent.  The tent was so cool and endured some serious weather!  

We met for a beautiful breakfast after an epic all night storm!  

Lizzie's finger nails match Josh's toe nails!  She is so talented!!!!  And he's an amazing husband :)

The day on twin lakes was Beautiful!  Josh fished, no bites.  

Lizzie did my nails in the motorhome!  Such a treat from this talented beauty!

I love them!  The Mushrooms are a special connection to my mom :)

We head over to Defuniak Springs for Dinner.  The Nola Cafe was unique, beautiful, and yummy!

A wander past some old store fronts.

And a walk down to Lake Defuniak.

And some play around the old train line.

Gorgeous evening back at camp.  

And a wonderful camp dinner.  Damon has been threatening for years to make Lizzie Mac and Cheese with Hot Dogs.  This trip he delivered!  We all had a good laugh.  

And then we retired to inside the tent to play cards :)  

A stop by What-A-Burger on the way home!

And a quick shower and change to get ready to host a neighborhood paint party at our house! We had about 20 people for dinner and then we painted a Wild Heron!

The next day we went over to Rosemary Beach to eat a Playa Bowl and do some shopping.

Then down 30A to the Old Florida Fish House for some Oysters!  Both Lizzie and Josh were converted!

An evening dinner run to Shaka for some Sushi and cake!

And a late night Poker Lesson! Super Fun!  Damon Won!

DJ made his famous bread for us the next morning :)

And then we were off to the Beach!

Love my Beautiful Blondes!

A swing through "Carousel" to find something special to send home with Lizzie.

And a last Seafood dinner at Goat Feathers.

Lizzie and I took the golf cart one last time, hopped in the Hot Tub, and then they were off.  What a wonderful and treasured 4 days! I feel so lucky to have them in my life.

Come Back Friends!