January 30, 2024

3D Jeep, Sid's Brisket, Bookclub, and Alabama

We visit Alabama where Logan and Sydney are going to move upon graduating from Ortho school.

3D Jeep, Sid's Brisket, Bookclub, and Alabama

Before getting to our Alabama trip, a few events to record. On Jan 8 I decided to 3D print a remote controlled Jeep. It's been a fun project. Here is one of the parts.

Spencer made a brisket recently. It inspired me to try my Grandpa Sid's brisket again. I've been trying to replicate it for years. This is the closest I've ever come, it came out excellently.

Here's the recipe:

Mitzi hosted a bookclub at our house. That morning she made me an egg sandwich on the Ciabatta rolls I had made from scratch a couple days earlier. She made treats and goodies and dinner and created a beautiful quilted table setting for her guests.

We are on a short trip to Alabama. Logan and Sydney are planning on moving here when he graduates from Orthodontic school later this year. We are going to check it out and have fun doing a little exploring.

We drove Malanah over. Mitzi almost always fills up the tank. One of her super powers :) We made a stop at Buc-ees.

We are camping at a quiet state park in Spanish Fort.

We had dinner at Bluegill. Southern hospitality is the best. And the oysters were 10 out of 10. I think I captured a picture of Mitzi saying a prayer of gratitude for the out of this world amazing oysters.

We stayed at Blakely State Park and in the morning drove around and walked around.

Then we headed to Two Sisters for lunch.

And then drove through a residential neighborhood with an old beautiful tree they built the road around. Clearance was low, we had to drive on the wrong side of the road to get under it.

We visited the Ortho offices in Fairhope and Daphne where Logan will be working.

And enjoyed some Whit's Frozen Custard.

We checked to Meaher State Park. We walked around the campgrounds. It's really nice here.

Logan had recommended The Wash House for dinner. We were able to get a reservation at 8p. We loved it! Everything was perfect.

Mitzi got the shrimp stack and scallops. I got the boudin balls and chateaubriand.

A great day of exploring, discovering, and eating.

The next day we tried foosackly's. Funny name but fresh and delicious fried chicken.

We made a stop at Costco before staying one more night at the state park and drove back home the next day.

It was fun to be back in the motorhome after such a long hiatus.