July 24, 2022

Janis and Woolstenhulme Reunions

Family Reunion Time!

Janis and Woolstenhulme Reunions

The end of July = a trip to northern Utah for family get togethers. Damon rented this darling Green Bronco for us.

We met up with Maddy for a lunch date at Taste in Provo.  Chocolate and French Delectables :)

A quick stop by the store to buy some things for our Janis lake day tomorrow, and then over to pick up Heather and Ashley for the Janis Dinner.

A stop by Maddy's house to see her new Kitchen!  It turned out beautiful!

And to meet the latest grand-dog, Remi!  Yep, she's a little original :)

Janis family lake day!  Always a great time talking quilts with Denae. It was nice to meet some of Roark's boys.

I also had lunch with Joe and Mindee and Haylee on this day, but failed to take a picture.  It was great to see them.  I miss people from my old life.

On the way back to our rental we stopped by a recommendation Allaire had given us..... "Fillings and Emulsions."  Holy Smokes!  French Pastry Shop 10/10!

The next day we headed up the canyon to the Woolstenhulme's.  Maddy with her grandparents.

Damon photographed all the taxidermy at my dad's house.  We must seen so Interesting to him at times.  Oh the stories behind these mounts!  

Down to Wendy's for a BBQ.  So great to see all of my sisters and some of their kids and even grandkids :)

I miss these connections.

Woolstenhulme's make amazing food!

The next generation.....

And a little b-day celebration for me :)

Love these people!

And by the time we landed at ECP it was nearly midnight.  We decided to swing by What-A-Burger and share a late night dinner.  It was a disaster, and busy, and took 30 min for our meal......But a Mariachi Band showed up!

Great ending to our trip :)