April 16, 2020


We spend our Covid-19 isolation time isolated in beautiful Zion's National Park.


We are staying out our Covid-19 isolation in Springdale, UT, next to Zion's National Park. The park is closed but the hotels are open, and a few of the restaurants.

Here it's beautiful. Quiet. Peaceful. Relaxing.

We have a 2 room hotel suite that is pretty much like an apartment. Here are some pictures from our balcony in the back.

When we arrived the check-in guy asked where we stayed the previous week. I told him and he asked if we'd like to try another room. I said, "Sure! How about one of the rooms with a balcony on the top floor?"

"You got it!"

Here's Mitzi with a big smile as she lugs her sewing machine into the new room.

In the evening we sat out on the balcony writing. Mitzi was working on the "Series of Unpredicted Events" post.

Once it got too cold, we came inside.  I programmed on Podium.  Mitzi finished building a mohair bunny.  A few days later she made it some clothes :) [She was watching a 20 hour Ken Burns documentary on baseball, which you can see behind the mohair bunny :)]

We ventured out for a walk to see if Zion's park was really 100% closed.  Last week you could still walk in but had limited access.  This week she was completely shut down.  We found a little hill to climb.  Our home is the middle building. There are 2 Canadian Geese by the river each day.  Mitzi told me they mate for life, and if their partner dies, most seek another life mate :)  

We purchased dinner from a Thai restaurant across the street. They only allowed one person in the door at a time so I went in while Mitzi talked on the phone to her dad. It was delicious!

It was a beautiful day. By the afternoon we had changed into short sleeves and went down to lay by the river.  Two little girls and their mom was playing in the river.  It was fun to watch.  

We bought dinner at Oscar's. Usually this place is totally full of people! It's always been crammed when we've been here. Now it's just us, getting our take-out.  We found a nice place to eat. Nobody is around.  Mitzi is a delightful dining companion, in all circumstances.

I bought these bars to celebrate something, our first Lifestyles Podium customer purchased a subscription!  I have been working vigorously on this new product for 6 months.  It's my best work yet.....and I'm 53 ;)   Up here in Zion's, the last few pieces fell into place.  Anyway, these are about my favorite popsicles.

Mitzi went on a hike.  She likes to venture off for hours in remote directions. She returned with some great pictures and some treats! She took this picture of me when she came back.  She said I looked smart and handsome ;)

We ordered from the Thai place again tonight.  Red Curry and Vegetable Stir Fry. It was Amazing!  Sadly later in the week we called to place another order but they said they were closed. I hope they open up again when the economy comes back. I hate seeing restaurants struggle. It's a very difficult business. The food was delicious!

Time for rice!  We brought up some mango soup and made some fresh rice to eat with it.

Mitzi enjoyed our deck, watching her shows, drinking her favorite orange tea, feeling happy, sewing, and binding up a storm. She said the few weeks we've been here have been so relaxing, she's never relaxed so much for so long ever in her life.......ever.

I asked Mitzi what she felt like for dinner.  She told me she felt like a BLT and maybe a Grilled Cheese.  Blondies Diner came through like a champ!

On Tue April 14 I got a hankering for pancakes. We bought a mix at the little grocery store. Mitzi kindly made us a few pancakes and we ate them plain and with a little jam. Great comfort food! Hit the spot perfectly.

Another meal from Oscar's, take-out only. We are grateful they are still open. It's about a mile walk into town.  It's a beautiful evening.  We had fun finding a place to sit down in the lovely weather and enjoyed our dinner together.

On April 15 the weather was perfect. We lay on the grass near the river for a while. Here's what it looked like from our vantage point.

When I woke up one morning and opened the curtains, this is what I saw. Notice the moon?

I taught a Lifestyles Quest webinar. The people in the class were very appreciative. Here's a picture Eric Beckham, an attendee, took off the webinar and posted it on facebook.

Sydney has been working with me a lot these last couple weeks. We were on an online meeting when Logan came home. They arrived at their new house in St. Louis the night before and gave us a virtual tour. It's very nice in every way.

"No time to get down cause I'm moving up" (Crabbuckit by Good Lovelies) kept running through my mind. We are very happy for them.

It's the last beautiful evening of our 15 night stay.  It's been perfect.  From the size and beauty of our suite, to the quiet stillness of our surroundings.   What a fantastic unexpected time.