May 9, 2022

Family Time

Mitzi takes a Road Trip up I-15 to see Family and deliver Maddy her goods!

Family Time

In Las Vegas Damon and I split paths for the coming week.  He flew home to Florida (with a dog as his seat mate), and I caught the shuttle up to St. George.  

Lizzie and Josh picked me up.  I loved spending a few days running a few errands for them, helping Lizzie with a quilt, and being treated to a Wonderful Mother's Day Date!  They helped me load up a U-haul of Maddy's things.  They have been married almost 1 year.  Both working and going to school!  I am very happy for them :)

I had two lucky dates with Navy, Cobalt, and Skye.  The Rosenberg Animal Museum was a huge hit!  I love hearing their stories and their ability to "make believe" play so well.  We had so much fun!

Games, crafts, popcorn, and a movie while Damon and Macall went out to dinner. They are beyond darling and so smart!  Kind and well behaved.  I love seeing them!

Maddy bought her first home this winter.  I rented a U-haul and drove up to Orem to bring her some furniture and things from her childhood.  We spent several days painting her new house and eating well :)  She's so creative, a  hard worker and I'm so happy I was able to spend so many industrious hours with her and her two dogs :)

One evening we were able to have dinner with my parents and all of my sisters!  It was so good to see them.  I love them and miss them.  Mother's Day weekend was the perfect time to celebrate.  My dad is a trooper for dealing with so many women :)

Heather and Ashleigh live a few miles from Maddy.  On Saturday, Heather cooked us dinner (her mom's Salsa Chicken!)  and we had a great visit.  I'm so happy for them and very glad we could get together!  It was wonderful!

While I was staying at Maddy's, Damon sent me a beautiful Mother's Day Gift!  A bouquet of Tulips and a dozen chocolate strawberries!  Yum! I so appreciated his Mother's Day kindness!  Each day as I would work at Maddy's, I would look at his tulips and feel love!  

Maddy and I went to a delicious buffet on Mother's Day and my girls sent me the most darling artsy mat!

And just like that, it had been 8 nights and I was on my way back to my Florida life and my best friend DJ.  What a great trip!  Thanks so much everyone!