November 5, 2023

Hotel Camiral, Girona, Spain

We enjoy the beautiful Hotel Camiral in Girona, Spain. Just a quiet week staying put in the hotel, enjoying good food, and hanging out with each other. Bliss.

Hotel Camiral, Girona, Spain

Day 1

We disembarked this morning in the most relaxing disembarkation we've ever had on a cruise ship.

Virgin trusts people to leave the ship when they are supposed to. They don't make any announcements putting pressure on people to hop off. They provide a 3 hour time frame to do it. It was orderly and quiet and there were no lines getting off the ship or picking up our luggage. Amazing.

We hopped in a taxi for a one hour ride up to Girona and the Hotel Camiral. We'll be staying here for 10 nights.

It's a beautiful hotel/resort. We love the high ceilings, the white with black accents. The rustic leather.

The pool is beautiful but not heated. Probably too cold for me.

The lobby has 3 levels and is an amazing space.

We found the fitness room and Mitzi flexed her muscles. She's been feeling low energy most of October (grief related, happens every year). And today she is feeling much better so we are grateful for that.

At dinner Mitzi was pretending to smoke one of the little bread crackers they served us. I love this picture! I sent it to her kids with the caption, "Take her to Spain," they said. Not sure that was a good idea 😂

She thought it was hilarious and we laughed and laughed.

We had dinner in The Lounge restaurant at the bottom of the lobby. Clean food, it was nice.

Day 2

We walked over to the little store on the resort and purchased a loaf of french bread and butter and enjoyed a nice lunch of it on the bench.

Then we hung out at the pool.

We had dinner at 1477, one of the restaurants on the resort.

We loved the simplicity of the vegetables and flavors of the food.

When we got back to the room they had completed their turn down service. And to our surprise and delight (especially mine) they had put down 4 towels, one in front of each sink and one in front of the shower.

I like standing on towels in front of the sink. Dang they really know how to do it great here :) This is the best hotel we've ever stayed at. I thought the Waldorf Astoria in Versailles was the best, and it was. But seriously this one is even better.

Day 3

We went to breakfast together at the Camiral today. And wow what a breakfast!

They have so many selections of so many things. And such high quality. There's no way to try everything, it's just to much. I guess we'll have to come back everyday until we leave next week.

We had a relaxing day hanging around the hotel and out by the pool. And we worked out in the gym which wasn't so relaxing but made the relaxing part more enjoyable.

For dinner we headed over to Bella's, one of the restaurants on the resort. A really great meal of garlic 'bread', tomato burrata salad, and lasagna.

We shared a nice spanish vanilla ice cream for dessert.

And when we walked in our room to my delight there were 5 (FIVE!) foot towels this time. One in front of each sink, one in front of the shower, and tonight, one in front of the bath.

Last night the turn down service placed a paltry 4 haha.

It brings tears to my eyes.

Day 4

Quiet day at Camiral today. We had breakfast. Of course.

For lunch we headed over to the golf club tiny market. French bread, butter, ice cream. Simple. Good.

We had dinner at the golf club restaurant. It was actually a dud. I liked the spagetti and meatballs. The salad and chicken weren't good enough to even post the picture!

When we got back to the room we had more of the french bread with butter and jam. Yum!

Day ?

I've lost track of the days. We are loving it here. A relaxing day and another dinner at Bella's.