February 14, 2020

Hey Mitzi, Thanks For Being My Valentine!

Thanks for being my Valentine, Mitzi ❤️

Hey Mitzi, Thanks For Being My Valentine!

Dear Mitzi,

Happy Valentines Day!

You are so special and dear to me. Thank you for sharing life with me. I love you and appreciate you in so many ways.

You consistently think of my needs and wants and fulfill them sometimes before I’m even aware of them.

You express appreciation consistently for the things I do for you and your children.

You are the kindest person I know. You consistently listen and understand and love.

You are a wonderful traveling partner. You consistently plan wonderful trips and make them enjoyable, relaxing, and interesting.

You are beautiful and attractive. I love seeing your face in the morning when we wake up. I love feeling your body as we snuggle. And dare I put it in writing that censored? Yes I do dare but not publicly :)

You consistently encourage my creativity and projects. I am always able to run ideas by you, verbalize when I’m stuck on something and you help me get unstuck, and I love our show and tells when there is progress.

You consistently remind me that I’m a good dad. You are a wonderful example of a great parent. And you are the best grandma I’ve ever seen!

Thank you for being my Valentine :) Thank you for loving me. Thank you for appreciating me. Thank you for marrying me.

You are consistently reliable and consistently consistent. Thank you thank you thank you.

You have gifted me a wonderful life and I am deeply grateful for you and deeply in love with you.

I love you ❤️


Damon, aka DJ/Damoon/Deej