November 1, 2021


We Experience Halloween....... Wild Heron Style!


The Wild Heron neighborhood is incredible!  Nearly every month there is some sort of activity.  There are a lot of very talented people who willingly give of their time and talents to make amazing things happen.  

When it was announced they were looking for help with the Halloween party, I volunteered!  After a few meetings I thought....... I could have really used these people in my PTA days :)  I had so much fun!

I assumed that Damon probably wouldn't want to participate, which was totally fine.  That's one of the best things in our marriage...... we both just do what works for each of us.  So about a month ago I planned my costumes and ordered my fabric and supplies.  

A few days before Halloween I was working on a few finishing touches when Damon came upstairs and told me he had a desire to come to the party with me! The last time he dressed up for Halloween he was 7.  He felt a little intimidated and asked If I would help him figure out a costume.  Of Course!  

We brainstormed options and settled on Roger Radcliffe.  The piano playing, pipe smoking, dog loving, friendly character in 101 Dalmatians.   I had a blast heading over to town to find him an outfit!

I feel so thankful we found this place.  I can't imagine there is a better place in the world for the two of us to live.

The party was a blast!  So much wonderful food and music and dancing and laughs!  These people have given us a huge sense of community!

The following day a witch ride was planned through the neighborhood.  I was under the impression this was for women and we would all be on bikes. Hahaha..... NOPE!  There were plenty of men and most people drove their decorated golf carts! Damon was super kind to come along and take pictures of us :)

It was really fun!  It was a beautiful warm sunny afternoon.  We rode and laughed and waved to homeowners who sat on their porches to watch the parade :)

Damon captures the most amazing shots.  

As dusk was settling in, I took off my hat and biked home.  Damon caught this perfectly timed photo from his moving golf cart.  A glimpse of the child version of me.... all dressed up and riding fast..... caught up in her own exciting world :)

I love this chapter of our life!