July 14, 2019

Good Food

A Foundation for Genuine Happiness

Good Food

    "I want to go to Paris and sit outside at a cafe under an umbrella and eat french pastries. Life goal haha."  

This sentence was in the 10th short message I received from Damon. We had been corresponding for a few weeks, one short message every other day usually about family, church, our uncertain futures.....and then, there it was. The ultimate sign! French Pastry. We most definitely had common ground and could quite possibly be friends :)

Over the past few years we have loved introducing each other to new foods. Turns out, we have very similar palates and we love amazing food experiences!  

Texas Crawfish and Pecan Pie

Pho in Rotterdam, Netherlands. DJ introduced me to this soup in Oregon 2017. I love it! 

Lilikoi Scallops in Bergan, Norway. I may have licked that yellow ring around the plate. I love lilikoi! 

North Western Fjords, Iceland. The lightest, crispest waffle with heavenly rhubarb jam. 

Escargot aboard the "Elegant Rotterdam" ;)

True Foods Arizona: Soothing Tulsi Tea and Humus like you've never tasted! 

Does life get any better than sharing rounds of Tomato, Basil, and Mozzarella?