August 30, 2022

Glacier National Park

The last trip to celebrate, "You Made it On Your Own!"

Glacier National Park

About 6 1/2 years ago (spring 2016) I remember working on the computer at our dining room table one night.  I took a break and was looking at social media when I saw a post a friend had made about a cheap ticket to Australia.  I immediately checked it out and found a ticket for June.  

I walked into Brandon's cycling room, he was in the middle of a workout and asked him what he thought of me going to Australia for 10 days and inviting Sydney.  He was excited and more than supportive.  

I called Syd and told her about the ticket.  If she could buy her own ticket, I 'd pay for the rest of the trip.  She'd been out of our home and on her own the past year. I missed her and thought we would have a great time together.  

Oh we did!

Two years later, Maddy had been gone for a year.  She planned a wonderful trip up to Canada for the two of us.  June 2018.

And now it was Lizzie's turn.  She's been on her own 2 years, so we are a little behind schedule ;).

A huge rainstorm in Dallas delayed my arrival by a day, but it ended up working out.  Lizzie picks me up!  She has a darling new home.  Josh chats with us while drinking some dew.  We eat a great Mexican dinner together.

Lizzie has just begun her senior year of college.  Over the summer she decided to go to nail school.  She's very artistic and has always loved nice nails.  She gave me my first fancy fingernails! Classy and Darling!  I love them!

We flew up to Kalispell, MT.  

Drove over to Whitefish, MT and had a great time shopping and grabbing some lunch.  

Then on to East Glacier, stopping for some Huckleberry treats along the way:)

About a 90 min drive down to Glacier Park Lodge.  Beautiful drive.  Beautiful Old Historic Lodge.

But a bit run down.  However, the views off the Balcony were glorious.

And their breakfast buffet was 10/10!

A few pics before we took off to hike in the Two Medicine Lake area.

We actually saw a very large black bear as we were driving into the trail head.   Running Eagle Falls Nature Trail was our first hike.  Flat and easy terrain to a beautiful gushing waterfall.

Then over to Two Medicine Lake.  A bear killed a young moose on the north trail the previous week, so that trail was closed.  We headed out on the south trail to Aster Falls.  

And then we proceeded to the Aster Park Overlook.  Steep switchbacks, but the views were totally worth it.  5 miles of hiking this day.

That afternoon we drove towards West Glacier and stayed at the Belton Chalet.  Another Historic railroad lodge.  Better maintained.

We had dinner at their restaurant.  Mussels, Tortellini, Apple and Kale salad, and Huckleberry-Apple Dessert!

The following morning we headed to the Going to the Sun Road.  McBrides Falls.

Traversing the tight road up to Logan's pass.

It was cold on top, and a bear sighting had closed the hike to hidden lake, but the views were still incredible!   Shortly after this stop we saw a very large grizzly bear crossing the road.  

We hiked the Cedar Trail Loop.  It's gorgeous and wheel chair accessible.  I may have parked a little close to the rail...... at least Lizzie thought so ;)

They've trained us to expect bears everywhere!  The streams are perfectly clear.

The waterfalls and moss are enchanting.  2 miles of hiking this day and lots of driving.  

Our final night we stayed in a cabin near the McDonald Lodge on Lake McDonald. It was by far the nicest accommodations.  

Our dinner buffet was delicious!  The vegetables were amazing!

We took a boat ride on Lake McDonald.  Which is 10 miles long, 1.5 miles wide, and 475 feet deep!  Beautiful and peaceful!

And then the stormed rolled in!

The next morning we hiked McDonald Falls.

And then we figured out how to take a shuttle to the Avalanche Trail Head. Parking here is near impossible.  But this is one of the highest rated hikes...... so we had to do it!

The weather was perfect!

The colors were so vibrant at times!

Avalanche Lake was Stunning!  and Freezing!  and Perfect!   Another bear sighting at the rear of the lake kept us on this front side :)

The amount of fallen trees, due to an avalanche, is just amazing. 8 miles of hiking this day.

A drive up to Polebridge, MT...... to see exactly what there was to see.  At the end of an hour long washboard road....... this was it ;)

Dinner back in Kalispell, and a late night flight and drive back to Lizzie's house.

A few hours after we arrived home, Lizzie headed off to a long day at work.  When she returned home she gave me a pedicure!  Love this talented hard working girl! She's been such a great friend and support to me.  

And while we were gone, Josh tackled some projects at home..... a new kitchen sink and lava rocks in the back yard!  He's super handy!

A late night Gelato run, and it was time to leave.

I love my girls and the wonderful trips I've been able to take with each of them. Dang it goes so fast!  

Thank you Damon for all your support.  This tradition was started before you came into our lives and you've encouraged and supported 2 of these trips.  Love you.