April 16, 2022

Garth Brooks in Nashville

He’s known by one name in this household……..Garth.

Garth Brooks in Nashville

Mitzi wanted to take her girls to a Garth Brooks concert in Nashville. So she did :)

Garth's music was very prominent in their home growing up. So watching a live concert together would be a wonderful connection to their growing up years.

On the first day of the trip we drove Baby Malanah from Panama City Beach to Oak Mountain State Park in Alabama for an overnight stay.

Along the way we stopped at Jim 'N Nick's BBQ in Montgomery. Cheese biscuits, deviled eggs, baked beans, collard greens, and fried chicken. Mmmm.

We pulled into Oak Mountain a little before sunset. After a walk around the beautiful campground Mitzi pulled out her sewing machine and worked on one of her projects. Classic! Camping + Sewing = Mitzi :)

The next day as we drove the rest of the way to Nashville we stopped at a Zaxby's. We've been wanting to try their spicy chicken sandwich. Quite good!

That early evening we had reservations at Butcher & Bee in Nashville. After getting situated at the hotel we caught a ride over.

It's a farm-to-table type place where they serve family style. Something we always enjoy.

We opted for the Chef's Choice menu. Everything was super tasty.

Fingers crossed! I don't remember why I was crossing them but we were having a good laugh at it. Those bacon wrapped dates were so tasty.

It was funny because we didn't know how many plates they would bring so we didn't pace ourselves. After about 7 dishes we were so full we could hardly eat more. Then they brought the dish with the steak in it. We had a few bites and then they brough out this huge platter with half a chicken on it. We had a really good laugh at how off we were :)

The bill was brought in a Beatrix Potter book. Clever and creative! Mitzi wrote our names and dates in it. So if you ever go there check to see if you got the same book as we did.

At 10:30 PM Lizzie arrived at the Nashville airport. We were so excited to see her. We picked her up and headed back to the hotel.

Josh was super thoughtful and sent Lizzie with this beautiful western belt for Mitzi. And a beautiful belt buckle for Mitzi and myself as momentos. What a great son-in-law!

After a nights rest we headed to the airport to get Sydney. It was so exciting to see her. She was able to leave 1 year old Benson home with Logan. What a great husband Logan is taking care of Benson so Sydney could come on this trip.

Right after picking up Sydney the four of us headed straight out to breakfast.

First to Brightside Bakery. They only had a croissant and cookie left so we got them. Next to Franklin Juice company for some Açaí and smoothies. Then over to Five Daughters Bakery for amazing donuts.

Yes there was joy looking at the donuts and deciding what to get.

And yes there was more joy eating them!

At 2 PM Maddy flew in so we headed back to the airport to get her. Everyone made it in time!

We headed back to the hotel and got dressed for dinner and the concert.

Caught a ride over to the Ryman Auditorium, the old Grand Opry. We walked around the Broadway area as we headed over to dinner.

Along the way we may or may not have stopped in some shops for some shopping :)

We ended up at Emmy Squared Gultch a pizza place with our dinner reservations. They seated us next to a huge window which let in the softest light and was perfect for portraits!

The food rocked!

For dessert we went to Starbucks and got some rice krispies treats.  We rested and visited and got some great photos.

It was time to get a ride over to the stadium for the concert.

And we are in the stadium!

It was such a fun concert. They knew pretty much all the lyrics to all the songs and had a wonderful time singing and dancing for 3 hours.

Garth put so much energy into his performance. He is 60 years old and I can't believe how much he put into it. He was standing, running, singing, yelling, talking the whole time. Didn't take a single break.

We had a great time.

And those Sparkly Hats??? (which received a ton of attention and compliments)

 A Jones girls DIY project ;)

Getting a little creative with the camera during the concert :)

The next morning Lizzie, Maddy, and Sydney caught early flights out and headed home.

Mitzi and I drove to Frank Jackson State Park in Alabama where we are staying for a few days to rest and relax before heading home to Panama City Beach.