December 29, 2023

Este and Betty

We meet Emily's cats Este and Betty. Mitzi plays with Winnie, and Damon wears a hat that makes him look like a Russian dancer.

Este and Betty

After meeting Beau yesterday we continue our time in Phoenix helping Taylor and Baylie out and visiting Emily.

Today Mitzi played with Winnie for the afternoon while I got some programming done.

Then we visited with Emily at her house and met her beautiful cats, Betty and Este.

I got this portrait of Este. I love it in color and b&w so I'm including both :) It's hard to get a cat to look straight at a camera, Este pulled it off like a champ!

Piper was very excited to see us and after a while she settled down by Emily.

Betty was shy but she did come out and grace us with her presence for a bit. She actually plays fetch with Emily.

The three of us went to dinner at American Way Smokehouse.

We had a nice dinner then afterward walked around the antique store. Mitzi had me wear this hat because she said it made me look like a Russian dancer(!).