July 6, 2021

Hot and Humid with Emily & Nechemia

Hot and Humid with Emily & Nechemia

They came from the desert of Phoenix to the humidity capital of the world. We gifted them a trip to the Emerald Coast to celebrate Nechemia's graduation from college.

We started with a tour of the house. They gave us all the good feels, complimenting the decor and how every little detail has been thought of for their comfort and convenience. Mitzi is a top tier hostess!

For Nechemia's birthday we went kayaking across Lake Powell and over to the white sand beaches at Camp Helen.

After our kayak beach adventure we headed over to our favorite Phó restaurant, Pho Pier 77.

In the evening we got a hankering for some food. Mitzi made her absolutely delicious pastrami sandwich on Jewish Rye Bread for Nechemia. Emily gave me an English Muffin Egg Sandwich maker for Father's Day. I returned the favor by making her an egg muffin sandwich which we both totally enjoyed.

I also made my one and only chocolate sourdough bread and we enjoyed eating it for breakfast the next morning.

When Emily and Nechemia were in the Houston airport on their layover they smelled BBQ. So when we offered to take them to our favorite BBQ place, Back Beach BBQ, they did not hesitate to accept!

The next morning we took them to The Donut Hole. One of our favorite breakfast places. Emily is on a quest to find the best Eggs Benedict in the world! So she ordered it and found it really good, although not the very best :) We enjoyed hot chocolate, massive pecan pancakes, biscuits and fruit, a monster omelet, and an Americana waitress dressed for the 4th of July.

Emily and Nechemia got dressed up for a photo shoot. I love seeing these two happy and together. It brings me joy to see their love for each other. I feel grateful they have found a life companion that compliments and enhances their own life, making it fuller and richer.

Near the end of the photo shoot I suggested they wade out into the water. They took off running. So playful and fun. Nechemia's pants got soaking wet. I think it was totally worth it!

On July 4th Nechemia's parents flew down from Chicago. Emily met them for the first time. It was a pleasure for Mitzi and I to meet them as well. They were delightful and it was an honor hosting them.

Nechemia hadn't seen his mom for about a year. It was a sweet moment when she leaned over and rested her head on his shoulder and with closed eyes said how good it was to see him. He gave her a big ol' embrace full of love and appreciation.

Gershon (Nechemia's dad) shared some funny stories of rebellious moments from his youth. He's a great story teller and a deep thinker and we enjoyed hearing his thoughts and perspectives.

After our meal we drove over to Laguna Beach to watch the fireworks. This was a new experience for all of us. What we didn't expect, but came to appreciate, was a constant barrage of very large bursting fireworks going off all around us! We've never been so close to so many large fireworks before. The people here really brought their best fireworks game :)

When we got down the beach Sheba (Nechemia's mom) stood still, closed her eyes, breathed in deep, and said, "Oh, it's so good to feel that ocean air." A beautiful moment.

Nechemia's parents are beautiful people. We loved getting to know them and appreciating their goodness.

Emily and Nechemia are a beautiful couple. Mitzi and I are so happy for them. It was a pleasure and joy to host them for a few days in our little humid paradise.