April 6, 2023

Disney, Gators, & Grub: The Woolstenhulme Sisters in Orlando

"Keepin on Exploring and Loving Life"

Disney, Gators, & Grub: The Woolstenhulme Sisters in Orlando

I've been looking forward to this visit from my sisters for months and months! About a week before the reunion,  Damon's dad was hospitalized in Utah.  He flew there to be with his family.  When the date finally arrived for my sister's to come, Joel was doing better and so Damon flew to Orlando to meet me.  I awoke early and drove the 6  1/2 hour distance to our rendezvous site.  It was great to see Damon again!  

That evening we drove over to Sanford to pick up my sisters.  It was so good to see them!!! We feasted and laughed into the late night hours.  

The next morning we awoke early to head over to EPCOT.  

Gretchen had 2 major surgeries last year so we plopped her in a wheelchair to ease the burden of walking all day.  Damon wasn't very excited to get the Frozen Princess card :)


Exploring..... stopping for food bites!

Cooling off in a theater.

France and Ratatouille

A bit more French Food and Shopping!

A Fast Car Ride :)

When we arrived back at our rental, The Carter's had arrived!  It was so fun introducing my sisters to Benson.

The boys enjoying Meat Meat! And Gretchen distributing gifts.  She's always been the best gift giver!

Enjoying some time at the house.  There were giant Manatee's in the river behind the house.  These Utah girls were sooooooo glad to be out of the snow!

Headed to the Beach in the Afternoon.

Back at the rental making Lobster and Chicken Alfredo for dinner :)

And then we played games and laughed late into the evening.

It's so fun having this little boy around!

Our last day we went out to a Gator Park.  Boy...... It did not disappoint!

A real swamp boat ride with hundreds of gators!

An opportunity to hold gators, snakes, and spiders!

Gretchen loves creepy crawly things....... she was in Heaven!

Oh the faces Benson would pull as the gators would jump out of the pond to eat the chicken!  

The boy loved this park!

Back at the house the sun was out and we were loving it!

Katie is turning 45 tomorrow!  We head out to celebrate her birthday!

The next morning we stopped off at a few shops before they went to the airport.  

Darling Stores and more Manatee sightings!

Gretchen giving Benson more surprises and some final goodbyes.

The Carters and Damon and I will leave the next morning.  We enjoy our last night together :). I treasure these times and adventures!

I want to dedicate this adventure to my Uncle Whit.  The morning I headed out for this trip I awoke to a message that our Uncle had died.  He was my mom's brother. He was 81. He had suffered from heart problems in recent years and had written his own obituary.  

In 1989 I was 15 years old and heading off to Australia for a 6 month study abroad. My mom's family hosted a goodbye dinner the Sunday before I left.  When Whit was leaving he handed me a card.  Inside was a $100 dollar bill and a quote,  “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.”  $100 was a lot of money that went a long ways.  The quote continues to provide me with insight and value. Love you Uncle Whit!  Fish on :)