April 17, 2021

Dining With Mitzi

Dining With Mitzi

This is what I see when I dine with Mitzi. She's so cute, has so many expressions. She's a great dining companion. Loves trying new food, appreciates the good stuff, and is excited and delighted.

Deciding What to Order

Enjoying a mug of hot chocolate.


We discuss Bitcoin and the state of our money system. She's so fun to talk with!

The Food Arrives

Laughing Hysterically

As we were finishing the meal I was explaining how obsessed I am with Bitcoin. To emphasize the point I said "this must be what a porn addiction is like". She bust out laughing longer and harder than I've ever seen her laugh!

I love love love dining with Mitzi!

Oh Damon Janis..... I am going to be leary of a camera just sitting on a table the next time we go to dinner :). Thanks for the fun memories!  Love ya