May 3, 2021

Dining with Damon

Dining with Damon

A couple weeks ago I wrote "Dining with Mitzi". Well, we went out to Shaka Sushi last night and Mitzi captured some pictures of me dining with her. What goes around comes around. So this is what it's like for her to dine with me :)

Here is what it's like when you are with Damon and he's eating a bear claw at a sushi restaurant haha

There is a little cafe next to Shaka and we love the bear claw there. Mitzi went over to get one and on the way back gave a little happy dance.

We got a mango juice and found it delightful.

The seared yellow fin tuna was so tender.

Here is the locals only roll. This is the second time we've had it, it's becoming a regular.