October 10, 2021

Damon Turns 55

Damon's 55th birthday turns into a two day event!

Damon Turns 55

Mitzi gives me the gift of a wonderful birthday each year. So do our children, my parents, Mitzi's parents, Tiffany's family, and many friends.

I feel so loved and included. It's such a good feeling to be loved so well by so many and I am very grateful.

Damon's Birthday – Day 1

The day started with opening presents. Sydney/Maddy/Lizzie gave me this eye massager. It's amazing with heat, massage, and sound. Mitzi gave me 12 cups with paper over them. Each was a separate gift. Among them ... beef jerky, Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos (my favorite), 2 facials, Dove dark chocolates, Hagen Daas bars, breakfast at The Donut Hole, lunch at Dusty's, couples massage, and two shorts.

My children gave me a gift of memories. I'm a words of affirmation person and they really know how to touch my heart. Here is a sampling of a few of them.

Mitzi took me to The Donut Hole for breakfast. I wanted to try their Crab Benedict and also have a regular Eggs Benedict. They wouldn't combine them so I ordered two haha. Plus a pancake. Mitzi got a Veggie Omelet.

Yes we over ordered. Sometimes that's just really fun to have a few bites of many things :)

I wanted an eclair so we headed over to the grocery store and got one. It looked good but wasn't. So we headed over to Thomas' and got one there. Plus a few other goodies like kolaches and donuts. Their eclair was actually a chocolate custard long john so that didn't really satisfy. As you'll see later Mitzi ended up making home-made eclairs the next day and those TOTALLY HIT THE SPOT! So look for that.

At noon we headed over to get a couples massage. It's one of our favorite activities. See the after massage glow :)

Later in the afternoon Mitzi did a facial for me. I find these extremely relaxing and enjoyable.

In the evening we went over to the Wild Heron center for a music concert with the Will Thompson band.

As they started to play Mitzi said, "Wow they are really good! They are as good as that band that played at Louie Louie!"

Damon said, "They are the band that played at Louie Louie." We had a good laugh over that.

Mitzi got some nachos with jalapeño peppers. Our mouths were sizzling!

We never made it to the beach or Dusty's. The day was full and wonderful and it would have been too much to fit those in.

So my birthday extended another day.

Damon's Birthday – Day 2

Mitzi made me oatmeal with fresh fruit for breakfast. She does this just about every day and it helps me get off to a good heart healthy start.

We went to Dusty's Oysters for lunch. As we got out of the car a strong sewer stench greeted our noses. We overlooked that and went it. As we waited a minute for a table to clear the restroom door opened about 10 feet away. A strong urine stench greeted our noses. Rats.

We really wanted oysters so we went to Shuckum's ("we shuck 'em you suck 'em"). We went there last week for the first time and have been wanting to get back. It was a great meal. Our favorite oysters are the Rockfellers. The shrimp and fries and oysters made an amazing meal.

We also saw one of the waitresses staple some dollar bills to the ceiling. So that's how they do it!

Next we went over to the beach. The weather is perfect right now. The water clear and gentle. As we were standing in the water a sting ray rode a wave in to shore. It came about 2 feet away from us before turning around and swimming back out.

After we got home Mitzi made fresh and from scratch eclairs. Now you're talking! Forget the grocery store and fake eclair, this is the way to do it :) Perfect with real cream, real chocolate, and a pastry shell fresh out of the oven so light and crisp.

It's been an amazing two days. I feel so loved and appreciated and special. This 55 year old birthday was a dream come true.