October 9, 2019

Damon Turns 53 Without Scandalous Pictures

Mitzi makes Damon's 53rd birthday a wonderful day!

Damon Turns 53 Without Scandalous Pictures

What a pampered and indulgent day, this 53rd birthday of mine. Mitzi knows how to make it special!

The day started snuggling Mitzi in our comfy bed (sorry no picture). Then I hopped in the bath that she made for me (again, sorry no picture). Then she made me breakfast which I ate in the bath tub (no picture haha).

We drove to Cedar City and had lunch at one of our favorite places, Park Place Eatery. We shared "The Esther" vegan sandwich made with wheat bread, tomatoes, sprouts, hummus, red onion, spring mix, bell pepper, sour kraut, mushrooms, and pickles. You can see Mitzi's delight while taking a bite :) We also had a fruit & cream breakfast crepe (no picture, it's so good it would be scandalous to have photographed).

We were having a nice conversation about how pleasant our life is together the way we've structured it. We live slowly, we make decisions that lead to increased peace, and we've established passive income streams for financial stability without the need for jobs.

Mitzi had such a peaceful, blissful look and air about her I wanted to capture it in a picture if possible. I asked her if I could. The camera captured her beautiful eyes and content wonderfully, I love this picture and the gratitude for our lives that it represents.

There was a little French Cafe across the street from the eatery and we just had to try it. Saying we love excellent croissants is an understatement. We so visited the cafe and got a chocolate croissant and a hot chocolate, probably the best hot chocolate we've ever had. Mmmmmmm.

We needed to get going to our next adventure, a 90 minute massage, so we finished the croissant in the car.

Sorry to disappoint again but there are no pictures of the massage :) It was a couples massage, and divine. Mitzi and I have taken to massages in this new life. I find that it puts me in an alternative reality, an almost out of body experience. The time goes so fast and I feel so rejuvenated.

I wanted one for my birthday so Mitzi lined this up as a gift. Part of the massage was with bamboo sticks, a first for me. Mitzi asked how it was. "Other than the beating and welts, it was nice," I replied tongue in cheek.

When we got home there was a surprise in the fridge. A Lemon Merengue and Rhubarb pie, my favorites! Mitzi had asked Lizzie's friend Hunter to pick them up at Croshaw's and he delivered them when we were in Cedar City.

We pulled the pies out and Mitzi said, "You can do whatever you want, you can just dig in with a fork if you want!" That was a new idea and I went for it. Let me just say there is something liberating and delightful to dig into a whole pristine pie with a fork and enjoying it right out of the box!

My children sent me a sports camera so I can get some cool video and pictures while snow skiing (can't wait for snow season this year!) and wake surfing, two activities I love in this new life.

A few weeks ago when we were riding our bikes Mitzi and I saw a remote controlled airplane flying around. I mentioned a childhood dream I had of a remote controlled boat. And guess what? She got me one for a gift! I'm so excited to try it out. This is literally a fulfillment of a life-long dream. I love the physics of a hull cutting through the water and twisting and turning and how the water reacts.

Maddy and Mitzi were shopping last weekend and Maddy remembered I like Tea Tree shampoo and conditioner because it tingles my scalp. I was just thinking about this two days ago when I got my hair cut and they used it in my hair and I thought I should get some to use at home everyday. Then bam! My wish is granted and I didn't even have to ask for it :)

We went to one of my favorite restaurants for dinner, Benja's Thai and Sushi. A Jones family favorite which I have totally adopted. Lizzie and Hunter came with us and we had a nice time with them.

We came home afterward, had more pie, and then relaxed. Here's a candid shot of Lizzie/Hunter (partially hidden behind Lizzie) and Mitzi/Scout (the cat, not her other boyfriend) relaxing. Mitzi has created a beautiful environment in our home and we spend much time enjoying it! We also wanted to get a group selfie – you're welcome haha.

Here's a video Mitzi took while they sang happy birthday and I got to blow out the candles, something I haven't done for many many years.

Today was a wonderful day. I feel very loved, very well cared for, and very appreciative of Mitzi and our children who give me purpose in life and whom I get to love and be loved by.

I was pampered and indulged. Mitzi knows how to make it special!