September 11, 2022

Damon, Macall & Family In Panama City Beach

The House is Full of Fun this Weekend!

Damon, Macall & Family In Panama City Beach

Six months ago we noticed that Allegiant has direct flights from Las Vegas to Destin. And the ticket prices were quite reasonable.

We invited Damon & Macall to come visit us, they accepted. We've been anticipating this visit for a long time!

They arrived in the evening. We picked them up and headed straight for What-a-burger. Neither had eaten there in quite a while. It was enjoyed by all.

We arrived at the house and gave them the tour. It was late and they were really good sports to look at everything.

The next day Mitzi made an amazing breakfast.  But it's also hard to beat fruit loops.  Damon took his family out for a little golf cart ride.

We rented a pontoon boat with slides and powered out to Shell Island.  Excitement soon turned to gloom and eventually to a bit of terror.  It ended in a giant rain storm and was not what we hoped for, but what a memory :)

Cobalt loved the double decker slide!  And shot down it like a cannon ball at least 20 times.  Grandma was the catcher ;0

Beautiful Picture of Navy.

Colbalt loved the beach, the rain, the sand, the thunder........... everything :)

Skye..... not so much this trip :)

Pizza for dinner seems to make our traumatic boat experience a bit better.

We had a request for waffles the next day.  Navy has darling handwriting and writes us little sticky notes with her requests.

Inside play time when it rained again, then a trip to the pool once it had stopped.

Because our Sea Shell Island trip was so disappointing we went sea shell shopping at the Beach House Market!

A stop by Bayou Bill's to see the Gator Pool.

And then to Shaka for Sushi.  Navy loved using the kids chopsticks!

Grandpa makes his famous bread for breakfast on their last day.

We babysit while Damon and Macall go out on the town.   Play Dough...... Restaurant......

Dog door...... Balls.....Snacks.........

Books...... Stories...... Puzzles....... Songs.......

The park..... and we even brought Navy's twin babies.

Grandpa doing Crazy puddle driving to splash Grandma on the back seat :)

Sling Shots with Grandpa

Spaghetti and Making Brownies.  Busy fun day!

And one more dip in the pool when Damon and Macall return before the late night flight.

What a great time!  We loved our busy 3 days with their family.  Thanks so much for coming!