May 26, 2020

Crossing the Finish Line

Empty Nesting...... Here we go!

Crossing the Finish Line

Liz Graduated.  

No more "school" kids at my house.  

It feels Liberating, Amazing, and Uncertain.

For the past 23 years, a solid 50% of my life, my central focus has been helping my girls receive an education.  

The final lap..... the last 4 years...... has been a series of events I could have never imagined.  

When I met Damon he had already crossed the finish line.  His 5 children were adults.   Marrying me meant stepping back into the race of schedules and obligations.

Thanks DJ for being the best companion.  For trading your "free" life to support this last caregiving lap of mine.  I love and respect you many times over for your graceful efforts.

Volleyball Games, Tennis Matches, School Dances, Student Government, Family Holidays, Home Coming Royalty, Graduations, and a Million Acts of Everyday Kindness.   Thank you for sharing the burdens and celebrating the victories.  You are truly one of a kind!  

I loved being their preschool teacher, their room mom, all of the PTA jobs, their art and music teacher, their summer bridge whip-cracker, and their cheerleader when the academics, athletics, and music events went far beyond my capabilities!  

3 Highlights:

Summer of 2006.  When we learned how to hit a full puddle for maximum splash. It may have destroyed my only good white bra, but what a great memory this is for me.

School year 2008.  We were all at the same school.  I loved lunch time when I was was able to spend 10 min with each of you.  Sydney had 100 male admirers, Madalyn raced the mile every day, and usually won..... even the boys.  Lizzie had 3 "Jesus's" in her class.  And everyone played in the Orchestra!  What a great year!

May 2018. The last time we were all under the same roof!  

Pretty much all "grown-up!"   They've became educated in Computers, Health Science, Sports, Literature, Music, Language,  Special Populations, Government.  

Watching them take action and pursue their dreams and ambitions has been so fulfilling for me.  What a great way to spend 23 years :)

Cheers to a New Phase of Life!