December 11, 2019

Croissants & Lamb Chops In Wanship

We visit Don and Kathy in Wanship, make croissants, eat lamb chops (well some of us did anyway!), and enjoy visiting.

Croissants & Lamb Chops In Wanship

We visited Don and Kathy in Wanship today. Mitzi is showing her dad how to make those wonderful Ansel croissants.

She was explaining how to fold the butter into the dough and drew a picture to explain it better.

Don takes detailed notes on how to make the croissants. He's very focused and doesn't miss a thing.

Mitzi finished folding the dough for the second time and is wrapping it to let it rest for another 40 minutes in the fridge.

While waiting for the dough to rest we visited in the front room where Don has taxidermy of animals he's hunted. There's quite a collection and we enjoyed listening to his recounting of the hunts.

That bull-moose is the largest one shot in Utah by a single fire musket. It's huge!

He was about 110 yards away and put the single shot through a lung and clipped part of the heart. The moose died almost immediately it was such a great shot. Don claims it was a miracle lucky shot, but I have a feeling there was quite a bit of skill in it.

The green carpet in this room is the original that was installed in 1973 when Mitzi's mom Suzie purchased and furnished the house. It looks brand new!

The room was rarely used but when Mitzi was doing gymnastics she was allowed in the room and remembers her bare feet on the carpet would cause the wool to clump around her toes.

Here's another picture of the trophy room. The colors are really nice so I am including it :)

Don loves eating lamb. Damon loves eating lamb. We totally enjoyed these lamb chops! Mitzi and Kathy think lamb is disgusting and definitely did not partake :)

After scoring the dough for the cuts, Mitzi makes the cuts.

She starts folding them into the croissant shape.

And they are beautiful!

After completing the croissant work we visited. Sydney is on the phone with Mitzi. Something funny was said.

After getting off the phone Mitzi said something funny and we all had a good laugh.

It's the next day and we are back at Don and Kathy's house. This time Don is making the croissants from his own levain. Coming out perfectly.

Mitzi and Don work together incorporating the butter into the dough.

Maddy shows Kathy something very interesting!

Mitzi prepares the croissants for the oven.

After baking they are flaky, browned, crisp, and warm. Beautiful!

We made sandwiches and oh my they were good.

Everyone is totally enjoying the moment.

Don is proud of his croissants. He asks me to send this picture to Sydney and say "Wish you were here, dammit". Sydney responds, "Tell him 'good job and I wish I was there too dammit!'"

Mitzi created this masterpiece out of the next croissant batch. Sydney and Mitzi had this at Panera Bread when she was in Missouri last month. This is much much better! She asked me to send this picture to Sydney with the message, "Eat your heart out Panera Bread!" haha.