December 22, 2022

Christmas Tree Painting Class, Steak, and Chicken

We enjoy painting Christmas Trees with our neighbors.

Christmas Tree Painting Class, Steak, and Chicken

I recently discovered Flat Iron steaks at our local ice market. One morning I got up and decided a flat iron with fried eggs was what I wanted. Happiness!

I'm also enjoying baking spatchcock chicken. Second time. Yum!

I purchased this $70 Wagyu ribeye at the ice market. Grilled it up perfectly. Most tender juicy ribeye I've ever had. That Otto Grille does an amazing job searing the steak.

The holes are from the meat thermometer. Worthy sacrifice to get the perfect temperature.

In the afternoon we had a painting class with our friend Lisa. Mitzi made her now famous German Waffles. When people see them they get so excited!

Mitzi and her friend Christine. The food was fun. We painted Christmas Trees and had a great time.

We are grateful to live in Wild Heron. It's been fun to make new friends and create a new life together here.