December 17, 2021

Christmas Party(s) Plus Plus in Wild Heron

Experiencing the "Joy" of the Holiday Season in Wild Heron!

Christmas Party(s) Plus Plus in Wild Heron

A few days after we arrived back home, Mitzi participated in the Wild Heron cookie exchange.   25 participants baked and packaged 4 dozen cookies. Then they met at the boat house, had lunch, and swapped!  It was beautiful weather and a great activity.

Painting Class

Mitzi also participated in a paint class by Lisa.  She really loves these activities.

Sourdough Break Bake

Damon made some of his famous bread and shared it with Lisa and Jeff.  They let him know, they rationed themselves to only 1 slice per day and made it last 4 days.


A meal out to Oishi and then a little clothing shopping for the Holiday Party.  It was super foggy this night!

Wild Heron Christmas Party

Mitzi helped to set up for the Holiday party.  They decided to set up in the parking garage instead of the Boat House because there was suppose to be rain.  Many people came.  We enjoyed some food, participated in the raffle, and bid on some silent auction items.  A baker friend gave us some pumpernickel bread.

George & Rose Our Neighbors

Our neighbors invited us over for some cheese and treats.  It was a festive time.  

The Spice Is Right Food Truck

Our neighborhood is bringing in a food truck once a week.  This week we enjoyed some sliders and fries.

We love where we live!