December 20, 2022

Christmas Decorations

Our Christmas decorations in 2022. Mitzi made many of them, she's so talented!

Christmas Decorations
Mitzi made these by hand and from scratch. So talented!

Our house is beautifully decorated for Christmas. Mitzi made many of these. I wanted to do a photography project today. It's so fun, and the light coming through my office windows makes for perfect studio lighting.

The shading is amazing and the Hasselblad camera captures so much detail and light.

We are having a Christmas party at our friends the Malchows in a couple days. We are making sourdough bread to bring. We've given it to a few friends around Wild Heron and they love it.

I fed the starter this morning and after about 6 hours you can see the yeast is feeding nicely and thriving. I'll make the leaven from it tonight. It's a beautiful process.

This sourdough starter began life in Monterey California in the summer of 2020 when we stayed there for several months at Pajaro Dunes. It's the best place for a perfect sourdough.