December 26, 2023

Christmas Cruise with Josh & Lizzie

We join Josh and Lizzie on a Christmas cruise around the Caribbean. A unique and memorable Christmas in the Sand!

Christmas Cruise with Josh & Lizzie

Day 1 - Miami

Last night Josh and Lizzie arrived at Trump Doral in Miami where Mitzi and I have been at Pritikin - me for almost 2 weeks and Mitzi joined me a week ago after visiting the Carters in St. Louis.

Their taxi driver dropped them off at the wrong spot so we drove over and picked them up. They were wandering in the dark through Miami when we found them haha.

This afternoon we headed over to the cruise terminal and boarded Virgin's Valiant Lady.

Josh's poker face.

We had dinner at Razzle Dazzle. I've been dreaming about this Lamb Shank while at Pritikin. Dream fulfilled :)

It's been a fun day with Josh and Lizzie, and fun to be on a cruise with them.

I love this picture of Josh and Lizzie – cute couple.

As Mitzi and I walked back to our cabin tonight, these two women all dressed up walked by. Great costumes. That's Virgin for ya, bringing out the fun people.

Day 2 - Sea Day

Lizzie did Mitzi's nails today. Mitzi loves doing this with Lizzie, and Lizzie is so talented and skilled.

Enjoying ice cream.

Some dude getting a haircut and facial by the barber :)

We had dinner at the Test Kitchen. Super fun experience.

We got the non-alcoholic drink pairing. Each course they provided a delicious gourmet drink to enhance the flavors.

They also explain each dish. Josh and Lizzie are listening intently.

Smoked eggs & peas & caviar time! This is my favorite.

Duck and beef.

The duck gravy was so amazing I licked the plate. Lizzie grabbed the camera and caught me in the act!

We had a wonderful time with these two today.

Day 3 - Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the vessel...

...all the creatures were stirring, including the festal :)"

Merry Christmas Eve!

Day 4 - Sea Day & Christmas

Merry Christmas! We spent a quiet day at sea.

Mitzi and Lizzie sunbathed. Damon and Josh watched the Kansas City Chiefs play the Las Vegas Raiders (alas no picture because the Chiefs lost and who would want to take a picture to commemorate that?)

For dinner we went to the Mexican Pink Agave. Great food and company!

After dinner, talking real estate investing in the hot tub for a couple hours as the moon shone down and the ship slipped smoothly through the calm seas.

Day 5 - Bimini, Bahamas

We docked at the Virgin Voyages Bimini island resort. Beautiful place to swim and find sea shells.

Alas I couldn't go because my dang foot is having an achilles tendon flair-up and I can't stand on it or walk.

But they had a great time and Josh found some amazing and large sea shells out in the water.

Dinner was the "It's a Ship Show!". The MC asked Lizzie if she had any pets. "Yes!" she responded. And he said she was a winner and had her come up on the stage for a little game of Charades.

This was a short cruise and packed full of fun. Lizzie and Josh got a vacation from their very busy and hectic work and school schedule. Mitzi and I enjoyed spending the time with them.

Tomorrow we all fly to Phoenix together where Mitzi and I will get to meet our new grandson Beau and visit with the kids there, and Josh and Lizzie will continue their flight home to St. George.

What a fun way to spend Christmas this year!