February 27, 2023

Chandler, Mesa, Scottsdale

A three day visit with the children in Phoenix.

Chandler, Mesa, Scottsdale

We got to visit our children living in the Phoenix area. We spent one day with each family and found it really nice to connect this way.

Emily and Nechemia made a wonderful dinner. Nechemia is becoming an expert in coal heat and grilling. He made some ribeye and NY strip, along with corn and mushrooms.

The steak was delicious!

He even played tunes on the piano while we ate creating a wonderful atmosphere. What a fun and fulfilling visit with these two.

The next day we spent with Baylie and Taylor and Winnie. If they pass a park without stopping Winnie will cry, she loves them so much.

We walked by their park to visit a farm store, and yes, she cried.

However after the farm store visit we went to the park and she was happy happy happy.

We went to dinner at North Italia. It was a day of great conversations and lots of fun with sweet Winnie.

Our third and last day in Phoenix we spent with Laura, Spencer, and Haven.

She was a little scared of me at the beginning and started crying after a minute. She warmed up pretty quickly and by the time we ate dinner in the evening she was all smiles.

We went to Buck & Rider for dinner. Fresh seafood and oysters they get shipped same day, and it was super fresh.

What a fun family, we loved our conversations and had many laughs and fun recollections of past adventures in Chicago and Nashville together.

It's been a happy and joyful 3 days with beautiful and charming humans. We are very lucky to have them all in our life, enriching and broadening our joy.