July 16, 2021

Carter's Summer Vacation

Logan, Syd, and Benson come for a week of summer fun!

Carter's Summer Vacation

Logan's starting his 4th year of dental school.  He has 1 week of vacation this summer.  I'm so excited they came here!  

Logan and I both share a love for wood working.  I was excited to show him my buffet table.

It's so fun having them here.  I love the energy and noise they bring.  

A night out to Shaka to share some favorite sushi with them.

This boy is so beautiful and he loves to be snuggled and held.  We are taking advantage of it :)

Sydney's momma expressions :)

Watching Sydney and Logan with Benson is so amazing.  They love this boy so much!  

An outing to Pho 77

Laguna Beach with the baby!  It was windy and cloudy.  There was a red flag up and we sent Logan and Syd out for a swim:0  Yikes!  Glad they made it back!

Benson wasn't sure if he loved the feeling of the sand.

Damon and Logan took a sunrise fishing trip out into the Gulf!

They catch:  Grouper, Mahi Mahi, Red Snapper, Amber Jack.

Syd and Logan loved exploring Wild Heron!  In fact, they are ready to move in :)

And Benson is a pool boy!  He loves the water, and often falls to sleep he gets so relaxed.

Logan and I took the canoe out on Lake Powell.   I've been looking forward to him coming so we could explore the east end of the lake.  It's such a beautiful and peaceful place.

Sydney shared with us her Peach Pie.  It's just like the Crowshaw Pie.  It was so Delicious!   Damon baked up his famous Chocolate Sourdough Bread. Delicious as always!

Several nights we went Swimming. The pool is nearly always empty in the evenings.  Damon and Logan swam laps while Sydney, Benson, and I soaked in the hot tub and enjoyed the loud noises from this little frog.

Damon was very determined to get some great pictures of Benson on this trip. This is our favorite! A boy who has discovered himself in the mirror :) "Coy Boy"

So many great times playing and relaxing.  I hope my children and grandchildren will always feel loved and welcome in my home.  

Our last morning together.  Love you Carters!  Thanks for Coming!