April 8, 2024

Camiral Otra Vez

We stay at Camiral again -- and love it again.

Camiral Otra Vez

We disembarked the ship in the morning and caught a taxi for the hour drive up to Camiral in Girona, Spain. We love this place!

We got in at 9:30a, early enough to get breakfast. Best breakfast ever!

Mitzi worked in a workout. And later in the day went to the spa for some relaxation.

She also worked on her nails.

We had dinner at the bistro in the main lobby. Did I mention, Spain has the best water bottles?

The lobby of this hotel is just delightful.

Our second day and we had our traditional lunch from the little golf market. Bread and butter and a few extra treats.

Ah yes, the hole sponsored by Rolex.

The weather was perfect this afternoon. Mitzi is so relaxed and peaceful here. She rarely falls asleep during the day. We were talking for a while out on the loungers and about 1 minute after we stopped, she was out!

A beautiful day.

We went to Bella's for dinner. Olives for appetizers. The a tomato burrata salad. Lasagna.

And pepporoni pizza. Those little dark things we thought were sausage. Um, no. After we put the whole pile in our mouth (we each took one) we found out it was crushed peppers, and wow were they hot!

When we got back to the room the turn down service was complete. And once again, not one, two, three, or four towels were put down. Five!

Camiral just knows how to make the experience tremendous.

We realized today that if we were to ever live outside the U.S. for a period of time, Camiral would be at the top of our list.