July 4, 2019

4th of July Wedding in Cabo

We enjoy Del and Melissa’s amazing wedding ❤️

4th of July Wedding in Cabo

Damon's business partner and friend, Del Walmsley sent word he was getting married in Cabo on the 4th of July! We were excited for him :)  We sent our RSVP back to his fiance, Melissa and got to work lining up our travel plans.

We flew first class on the discount airline, Sun Country...... and brought our own snacks ;)  Same time zone.  A few quick hours from Vegas.  The only struggle was getting through the time share harassment as we made it to our hired car.

We stayed at the beautiful resort, Cabo Azul.  We ordered room-service, spent hours in the immaculate hot tubs and pools, lounged on beautifully clean chaise lounges, ate tacos, sushi, virgin drinks, and loved the warm sunsets.  

The open wedding chapel was so unique.... (they had a Cross and a Star of David that would come down from the ceiling, depending on who was being married). Hors d’oeuvres, fancy name cards, dinner, dancing, fireworks!  Amazing!

Del once told Damon he would never marry again.  We were glad he changed his mind.  Here's to new beginnings and second firsts :)