December 3, 2022

Brownstone Gala

Motorhome trip to Miami for the Brownstone Conference and Gala in Miami.

Brownstone Gala

The Brownstone Institute was founded in May 2021. It immediately became one of my top intellectual sources for understanding what happened with the lockdowns, the Covid jab mandates, and our freedoms.

When I saw they were holding their second annual conference and gala in Miami I told Mitzi I wanted to go. Several key people would be there.

  • Jeffrey Tucker, the founder of the Brownstone Institute.
  • Jay Battacharya, a professor of medicine at Stanford Univeristy.
  • Jay Ladapo, the current Surgeon General of Florida.
  • Justin Hart, a data analyst and consultant.

The event was at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Brickell, Miami. We've been to Brickell so many times this year it's getting familiar to us.

We decided to splurge and stay at the Mandarin. Only $1,000 a night! The most we've ever paid for a hotel room. And it was actually worth it.

I love doing these sorts of adventures with Mitzi. One of the very fun parts of our life together.

The conference was in the afternoon. Really great information was shared. It was so nice to be in a room of people who see things the way we do. Inspiring!

Oh, and the Mandarin has a pretty fancy bathroom next to the conference room.

During breaks we enjoyed the snacks.

After the conference and before the gala we enjoyed the view from our room. The sun was starting to set and we got some amazing pictures on the balcony.

All dressed and ready for the gala!

It was a beautiful meal. For such a large group they really did a wonderful job.

Dr. Ladapo was the keynote speaker. It was inspiring to hear what he is doing to help keep Florida from medical tyranny. I'm so glad we live in this state.

Mitzi looking good as always.

The following morning before leaving for our drive to Orlando we took a walk around the Mandarin property.

Mitzi has been working on the felt projects. It's a new skill she's been learning and having a fun time with.