January 17, 2022

Mindy & Brandon

Pickleball weekend with Mindy and Brandon. And some perfect Chocolate Toasties Pastrami Sandwiches, of course :)

Mindy & Brandon

At the end of their annual vacation to Destin, Mindy and Brandon came to our house to visit for a couple days. It's always so fun to give our guests the house tour.

I started making bread using the starter I keep alive.

They are big time into Pickleball. Mitzi has played it before. I hadn't. We found an available court at the Lyndell Conference Center. They taught us the rules and we had a good time playing!

After playing we went over to our favorite Pho 77 for dinner.

We watched Austin, the pro pickleball player Brandon coaches, win his game.

Time to bench rise the dough!

We went to Shaka Sushi for dinner, another favorite. Lately we've been getting the Edamame Avocado Hummus. Love it!

In the morning of the next day I got up early. And came downstairs to find this ... Brandon diligently working on his new DataPickler business.

The bread came out beautifully! I 1.5 times the recipe and made the largest loaf I've ever made.

I made an English Muffin Egg Sandwich for Brandon's breakfast.

Mindy cut into the fresh bread and had some for breakfast.

Then it was lots of Pickleball matches while Austin kept winning and working his way to the Gold match.

Mitzi made her world famous, in our world, Chocolate Toasty Pastrami Sandwiches for lunch. THE BEST!

We ended the visit with more Pickleball.

We super duper enjoyed their visit!