May 4, 2024

Borgo Scopeto

Borgo Scopeto is an old castle/vineyard/olive oil farm with a hotel. We stay on property for 5 days without leaving. This is the Tuscany we envisioned, and it was delightful to enjoy!

Borgo Scopeto

Mitzi found this gem of a place 8 kilometers from Siena. We didn't know something so perfect was so close!

As we drove into the lane with these huge trees, we were pretty sure this was going to be amazing.

The rooms are beautiful. Loving the orange accents everywhere!

We have no plans to leave the property until Friday when we go to our apartment in Siena for a couple days before heading to Rome.

The ceilings are painted in these beautiful designs. This is the best ceiling we've ever seen in a hotel room.

We enjoyed the pool.

So peaceful and quiet and calm here.

Loving those italian shoes and shirt we bought in San Gimignano yesterday. Great color matching with our room!

The next day we had a fancy 4 course meal at the hotel's restaurant.

Everything was perfect.

Mitzi enjoyed the pork belly, something she would have never eaten before. She's enjoyed experiencing new foods and it's been fun to watch.

So fun fact about this little pre-desert they brought us before the actual desert. It's full of goat cheese, and Mitzi ate the whole thing!

She doesn't like goat cheese. Her ability to smell is incredible. To her, the smell of goat cheese is the same as the smell of the sheep barn she loved laboring in as a child. However much she loved laboring in the barn..... she never desired to eat it. And that's were the goat cheese predicament comes into play. Mitzi feels like she's taking a bite of the barn (and all of it's contents). However for the sake of refinement and culture, she ate it :)

On our last full day we took the bikes out for a spin. It's so beautiful here.

Then we walked around the property and enjoyed how picturesque it is.

Mitzi has been working on a Christmas quilt. Her last day sewing in a castle :)

We had hail on our last day!

And we enjoyed dinner in the castle on our last night.

We are sad to leave. We head back to Siena and our apartment for a couple days before heading to Rome and new adventures.