March 17, 2024

Benson Turns 3

We travel to St. Louis and enjoy celebrating Benson's birthday #3.

Benson Turns 3

We flew out to St. Louis on March 13th specifically to celebrate Benson's 3rd birthday. Lizzie she flew out from St. George the same day. He was excited to see us! And we him!

We all went to Rosalita's for dinner.

Our first table was in the open air, no cover. It started to rain. Our server scrambled and got us a table under the overhang. Phew! Because it rained quite hard for 10 minutes and we would have been soaked!

Benson got tired and crashed on Sydney's lap.

The next day we enjoyed the pool.

Lizzie and Mitzi worked on Lizzie's Dixie quilt.

We had one of our favorites in St. Louis for dinner – Sauce on the Side!

The quilt was pieced the next day and Mitzi took Benson over to the park to play.

We went to Coopers Hawk for dinner and had a wonderful meal.

We couldn't narrow down the dessert choices so we had to get 4 and try them all!

The next day it was time to celebrate Benson's birthday!

Sydney was so creative with all the food items – firehouse and fireman themes for everything.

Benson was so excited, all dressed up in his fireman uniform.

Lizzie made his beautiful birthday cake.

A good time was had by all.

Time to blow out the candles. And hit the piñata.

That evening Logan treated me to lamb ribs and NY steak, grilled to perfection on his Otto grill. Delicious!

We are so grateful we were able to celebrate Benson's party with him. We fully enjoyed our time with Logan and Sydney and Benson and Lizzie.