April 3, 2021

Benson Chase Carter

Welcome little guy :)

Benson Chase Carter

March 20, 2021...... he arrived via cesarian section after 40 hours of labor.  We are relieved to say the least!  36 hours later we have the car packed up and we begin our drive north!  

We do the drive in 2 days, sleeping over in Nashville.  Highlights included a BBQ dinner in Alabama and a swing through the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, Kentucky.

First time meeting him was complete Bliss!!!

When he was 5 days old we drove down to Washington, Missouri to have Benson's pictures taken at Photogenics.  We were there almost 3 hours.  It was amazing watching two women work ultimate baby magic with their stroking hands and a portable heater. The results were incredible!

I had an old cavity fall apart a few months ago.  Trying to get into a dentist here in Florida was proving a long wait.  Hey....... my darling son in law is in his 3rd year of dental school.  He did an amazing job fixing my tooth!  So So Cool!  

When he was one week old we took him to brunch!  

Damon makes bread and we enjoy our favorite pastrami from Trader Joe's :)

We stay in a hotel but spend time everyday enjoying the new life of Benson.

We enjoy 2 more dinners out!  This little newborn sleeps through it all!

I pieced this quilt last fall at Pajaro.  It's a darling collection of tea cups!  A few days I disappeared down to Sydney's basement and worked on custom quilting it. It was a blast!  But super time consuming!  I'll head back and finish it in a few months ;)

While Syd is taking a few weeks off of work, DJ is picking up the slack on Podium...... and enjoying learning about digital currencies :)

Logan puts together Benson's cradle :)

Oh the luxury of holding a new baby.  Watching their funny movements and expressions.  It's entertaining for hours!

We catch a glimpse of his eyes!

We enjoy the Janis family Passover feast and celebration. Looks like Benson will be ready come Hanukkah time ;)

We say "Goodbye" and take one last photo, and cry a few tears.

We do the 12 hour drive home in one day.  At the 11th hour, we stop for a bite to eat at a little rural Florida gem.  Red Bay Market.  The pictures tell the story :)

I'm so thankful we were able to spend time with Benson and Sydney and Logan.   This grandparent phase of life is just Amazing!