March 20, 2022

Benny’s Cake Smash

And just like that, Benson is ONE!

Benny’s Cake Smash

Sydney and Logan Invited me up to attend Benson's 1st birthday cake smash!  How is this baby already ONE?  

He loves food!  All kinds of food!  Which is so Interesting because his mom was / is so picky:)

He loves books and stuffed animals!  I brought him a few birthday presents.

He loves the park!  They have a wonderful little park just down from their house.

More Reading and even a Kiss!

A trip to Cost Co for some basics.  Oh that ice cream bar is delicious!

And then the Cake Smash!  Sydney has found the coolest photographer.  This is the third time I have been to her studio and I am beyond impressed every time!

She took some darling family photos outside.

And then brought him inside for some studio photos.  Sydney and Logan made the surf board!

And then we changed him into his swimmers for the cake smash!  It was so cute!  He kept wanting to share with Syd and Logan❤

The photographer posted this reel on instagram.  Sooooo much fun!

Sydney took a Polaroid picture of the two of us.  I can't tell you how much he looks like Syd as a baby at times.  

I also took the opportunity to quilt on a few baby quilts for our next grand baby coming in June!

He is so busy!  He loves dancing and moving!

Hey Grandma, your ring is very intersting!  And could you give me another bite of avacado?

And then it was time to board a plane and meet up with Damon at the Life Styles Expo.  So fun traveling with these three and so thankful I was able to spend a week celebrating Benson's Birthday!