May 23, 2024

Athens, Greece

We have an enjoyable and interesting visit to Athens. So much history here. The Acropolis, Temple of Zeus, Changing of the Guards, and amazing views of it all from the top of a mountain.

Athens, Greece

We ventured out into Athens. Mitzi arranged a private driver to make it super easy to see the things we wanted to see.

First stop: Acropolis.

What surprised us is how massive the building was (is). These columns seem bigger than anything we saw in Rome.

There's a story about the women statues holding up the building. But we don't know it :)

There we so many people at the Acropolis. Everyone was taking pictures of the same things. So when I saw the guard shack with the Pantheon in the background, I asked Mitzi to pose. I'm pretty sure we are the only ones who took this shot today!

As we walked by this column with a section out of place (keep in mind this thing is about 6 feet in diameter and solid marble), it just didn't look right. I'd feel better if it were aligned properly.

We went to the Administration building and watched the changing of the guards.

They have 400 pleats in their clothes. Because the Turks had military control of their country for 400 years. Until 1832. And the Greeks want to never forget. And never let it happen again.

Our driver in the suit and the black car he drove us around it. He was a very careful driver and very smooth. Which we appreciated since these streets here seemed more crazy than even Italy!

We went to the Temple of Zeus. Out of 104 columns, only 15 remain standing. One has fallen. The rest are gone. These columns are massive. The building must have been intimidating 3000 years ago.

We climbed up to the top of this mountain (not sure what it's called). There's a small church up there. The view of the Acropolis is outstanding. Our ship is out there in the water but it's too small to really see.

In the little church pictures are not allowed. I specialize in taking pictures in these situations :)

It was a hot day. We got some refreshments in the cafe at the top of the mountain. The fan was really nice to have.

Mitzi got some grilled vegetables and a desert.

She didn't like the vegetables. I did. Ate all of them!

As we drove back to the port and to our ship we passed this huge statue made out of 40,000 thin slates of marble.

Mitzi captured a perfect picture as we wizzed by, making the figure in motion really look like it's in motion.

Our Athens dream has come true. We came. We saw. We photographed. We hiked. We drank water. We used the restroom. We departed.